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See funny posts by Nigerians on ministerial list

The social media on Tuesday was flooded with creative posts by Nigerians who are waiting earnestly for the ministerial list of candidates who are to form the cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari. The deadline for the submission of the list to the senate as promised by the Presidency is on the 30th of September. See some of the funny posts we collected on Twitter.

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The herdsmen from hell, by Fani-Kayode

These herdsmen have become the pests of our nation. They are like the East African tse-tse fly: wherever they go they suck the life blood out of their hosts and, like the locust, they destroy everything in their path. They are like leeches: they indulge in a parasitic mode of nutrition and they suck the blood of the carcass until their victim is left for dead.

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Video: Hundreds Of Boko Haram terrorists pray Eid in Sambisa Forest

This video is posted by  Every Nigerian Do Something, a non-governmental organisation, that approaches peace, stability and progress by harnessing and activating the power of the collective potential for good in individuals and communities. The video shows hundreds of Boko Haram terrorists, including children, praying Eid in Sambisa Forest. Vanguard cannot independently verify the claims
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