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Ubulu-Uku: The mystique, majesty of a 17- year- old monarch

The aura and grandeur of an African king is so overwhelming that his demise is announced in innuendoes as ‘joining the ancestors‘ and is usually discussed in hushed tones. But in Ubulu-Uku, a sacrilege uncommon happened when the icy hands of death snatched away His Royal Majesty Edward Ofulue III by unknown assassins. But despite the air of gloom that enveloped the ancient kingdom of Ubulu-Uku known for its traditional clothes weaving and alluring palm wine, the people rose with one voice and passed the symbols of royal sovereign, the crown and the spectre to the scion of the departed king, the 17-year-old HRM Obi Chukwuka Akaeze, making him one of the youngest monarchs on the face of the earth.

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