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The true professional artist believes it is a calling, therefore, an assignment by the Creator. The creative mind is triggered off into an irrepressible current of inspired mind. The ultimate assignment is equipped with a workshop to create joy, appoint laughter and to cheer and relax the spirit and the soul of man and therapeutically propel peace into man’s existence. Life with art accommodates and generates tolerance and also suppresses the fury of hatred.

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Ighegwe Odion: A folklorist and instrumentalist of repute

Individuals are gifted in rather queer callings in life that make them great while living: some are educated to the highest levels and are known for either amassing astonishing wealth and they are talked about by the idle ones that day dream, wishing how they could also be equally lucky to be universally known and popular, perhaps being listed in their local books of record, assuring themselves dreamingly,that poverty will never near their families forever and ever.

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Martin Luther King Jr statue lands in Africa

As the year sets in with promising activities in the visual art sector, several art projects are lined up to make it a remarkable one. From all sections of the art industry, artists are gearing towards all forms of art workshops, exhibitions, festivals and seminars to foster the development of the industry. One of such projects that will raise the art industry and booster the image rebranding of Nigeria this year 2015 is the coming home to Africa for the first time, the iconic Martin Luther King Jnr. Statue which is expected in Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Performing arts stakeholders’ forum

The monumental assembly was convened at the National Theatre by the newly appointed Artistic Director of the National Troupe of Nigeria – Mr. Akin Adejuwon. It was an overwhelming success and well attended by many surviving practitioners, the likes of His Royal Highness Oba Sonuga, Peter Badejo MBE all the way from London, professors and practitioners of the performing arts, old and young.

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