By Lari Williams
The Nigerian artist is ready for the ‘international market, but he needs to web his domestic commercial environment and create a local market for his productions

THE rigour and the emptiness weigh heavy on the tourist, he goes home tired needing art for revival. They are like hand in glove, art is the hand, they go together,

To know art is to enjoy tourism, otherwise the digging steps tire the body’s empty view and bores the eyes. Therefore, talking about tourism without as much as a mention of art is like forgetting to put ink into pen. You don’t write, you merely scratch and that’s not good for advancement in life.

The word ‘play’ acting or mention of ‘entertainment’ is very misleading to the uninitiated. So, they think all is child’s play or nonsense. Individuals have been misled and nations have been fooled into thinking art is a lazy man’s profession. The professional artist is occupied round the clock. Fueled by interest, creative endowment and God’s’ kindly inspiration. We must not be misled by the speed and glamour of tourism, because all is naught without spice and beauty of art.

The people have expressed their ‘want’ and their ‘desire’, for art and entertainment. Nigerian artist have been faithfully committed and zealous, in their effort to keep the art alive, and make chance for the future generations to inherit the noble glamorous and lucrative profession.

They have been articulate and excellent in their expressions, won the world’s most coverted “curvested” beauty curves trophy in literature, and won the world’s most “beautiful curves crown”. The worth of a thing is best known by the want of it. Art is invaluable to any nation, more so, now that computer has spread trade over a wider horizon and art is highly commercialized. Even, grandchildren of the first generation of Nigerian artists have become full fledged professionals. Now, we have dancing, singing, clowning, drawing, carving, even clapping and cheering departments making money for arts.

Arts must be taken seriously so as to enhance creativity and sophistication to helping packaging them for the world’s richest market. Nigeria deserves to belong to the league of cultured rich nations and arts can do the magic and paint the picture.

Obviously, the government has structured a few institutions in place giving lip service to ‘Arts and Culture’. We professional and commercial value, we need a ‘Leap in the Service’ to hike the’ standard of arts in value and productivity,”so help us please government,” to make this country cultured and prosperous.

It is not enough for Arts council to be given pittance to run the arts, pay salaries and provide money for anniversaries such as independence, Labour Day, or Childrens’ Day. We have come of age long enough to forget the idea of preparing for festivals and holidays.

‘Amateurs’ and ‘Green Horn’s service will not promote mis to commercial level nor help to achieve the economic benefit expected of the business.

’There is no business like show business’, it solves problem v therapeutic, economic or social.

The Nigerian artist is ready for the ‘international market, but he needs to web his domestic commercial environment and create a local market for his productions. This is where he needs govenU11ent interest and investment to lubricate the machinery that will lift the standard of his creativity and packaging to the level of sophistication required of the global art market.

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