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Days to his wedding and planning to meet another lover’s parents!

“After Michael proposed, we both went to my parents to give them the good news. As soon as they got glimpse of the sparkling engagement ring, they were ecstatic. ‘You’ve got a good man here, Lynda’, my mum beamed.  `My son-in-law to be!’ dad added, giving Mike a very warm handshake. I couldn’t wait to get married and my parents urged us to go ahead with our wedding plans – they were paying.  What’s more, we should spare no expense.

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The nightmare of coping with a teenage girl who’s tasted the forbidden fruit!

“The mum was constantly unfaithful to me, so I sent her away. Unfortunately, my second wife was hostile to her four step-children, so two of them opted to stay with their mother, Rose (the `mathematician’) and her elder sister. When Rose finished primary school, her mother informed me that the school had just started the secondary school wing, so I agreed for her to attend.  I’m off to that school now to find out what went wrong”.

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Warning to women – Social drinking can easily turn you to alcoholics!

With virtually all ‘heavy’ A list parties being dominated by women, it stands to reason that most of the exotic drinks, especially alcohol, would be guzzled by them. Little wonder that women are increasingly being told they’re are drinking too much, consuming more alcohol than ever before. Binge drinking, where you knock back the stuff at social outings is now a favourite activity.

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How To Get Your Man Back In The Saddle

And experts believe it’s about to get worse as there’s been a significant rise in the number of men saying they have gone off sex. Peter, a counsellor that specialises in relationships and sex therapy observes such complaints were unheard of some 15 years ago. “But today almost half the men I counsel claims that sex leaves them cold,” he says.

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How Bitter Are You After The Sudden Break-Up Of Your Relationship?

Only now do I realise that it was childish behaviour and I get sad when I recall how desolate I felt that day – and how crazy I must have looked to the neighbours. As Saturdays go, it was the worst – and so was the  hangover. Some bad behaviour can go dreadfully wrong; when men end up feeling pity instead of anger, the women have played their strongest card – and lost.”

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