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How female sexual aggression is driving young men to viagra!

FOR a man who just turned 30, Joel should be at his most virile. Tall, handsome with a well-paid job, he admits he’s never had any difficulty attracting the opposite sex. His problem is that when he wants to have sex with a woman, he needs up to two Viagra pills to perform.

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No Fool Like An Old Fool!

ONE bitter pill we’ve all had to swallow is the fact that 419 operators are not only here to stay, their success within Nigeria and abroad has become a nightmare. A few months ago, Jade, a friend, called looking very sorry for herself. A fairly successful investor, she’s a celebrity of sort because of her long stint in the print and electronic media. Even after she retired from paid employment, she stays visible in the media. The problem with her is that she has a heart of gold and would help anyone in distress if she could, that is.

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