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Would you defy your mum to marry your hearthrob?!

Had I properly investigated the family?  Well, what was there to investigate?  This was not the dark ages for heaven’s sake!  She in turn decided to pay a visit to  Tinuola’s family with dad so as to get to know them better. As Likeable as dad is, he’s always dancing to my mother’s whims simply because she’d used her family connections to get him where he is today.

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Having an affair with hubby whilst waiting for the divorce!

“But after we had our two children, we slowly began to drift apart. Real life got in the way of our happiness and we seldom had time for each other. Soon, taking each other for granted became the norm.  The bedroom was for sleeping only and we never laughed any more.  Life stopped being an adventure we were facing together and became a slow trudge towards death!  We started to resent each other. The slightest thing would spark an argument.

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The best way to cover an affair? Get rid of the evidence!

The letter nearly burnt holes in my hand – it was that scorching. If, for a minute you readers think I was the one being ‘seduced’ by such erotically crafted letter, then, you are wrong. What I had in my hands was a photocopy of the original letter purportedly written to a married woman by a close relation of mine. The wronged husband had phoned me about this startling discovery, threatening mayhem!

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How did a nice girl like her end up with a brute like him!

When he told me of his encounter with Monica, I warned him to be careful. Monica is in her early 40s and recently separated from her husband. Joshua had met her in one of his sisters’ shops and hadn’t let the 10-year age difference faze him. He always looks more matured for his thirty-something anyway. On his way to pick up his ‘date’ he showed up at my place looking good enough to eat. He was casually dressed in expensive clothes and wafting an exotic aftershave.

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Wives who are comfortable with their husbands’ other wives!

She described the early years of her marriage as ‘fairytale’. “My husband and I were so completely in love you don’t think it can get any better, but it did,” she said. The reason for her increased happiness may come as a surprise. For while the couple were blessed with children, what really ‘enhanced’ the relationship, according to her, was the arrival of another woman.

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It’s indecent the way some people raid their deceased relatives’ property!

Back in Lagos Alaba nearly went ballistic. The thought of her husband planning to have a child with his mistress whilst convincing her they didn’t need another child nearly blew her mind. She’d lovingly packed his suitcase when he made that fateful journey, never suspecting she was preparing her husband for a night of passion with another woman!

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