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Warning to women – Social drinking can easily turn you to alcoholics!

With virtually all ‘heavy’ A list parties being dominated by women, it stands to reason that most of the exotic drinks, especially alcohol, would be guzzled by them. Little wonder that women are increasingly being told they’re are drinking too much, consuming more alcohol than ever before. Binge drinking, where you knock back the stuff at social outings is now a favourite activity.

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How Bitter Are You After The Sudden Break-Up Of Your Relationship?

Only now do I realise that it was childish behaviour and I get sad when I recall how desolate I felt that day – and how crazy I must have looked to the neighbours. As Saturdays go, it was the worst – and so was the  hangover. Some bad behaviour can go dreadfully wrong; when men end up feeling pity instead of anger, the women have played their strongest card – and lost.”

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This ‘Friend’ Never Lets You Down!

We just relaxed on his bed watching some of these cheesy home-videos and catching up on events of the last few months. The fact that nookie wasn’t on the card didn’t mean I couldn’t roll with the punch when or if it happened, right? For a long time, it didn’t seem as if anything was going to happen. We cuddled, kissed a bit but there was no evident that any passion was going to spring from that loin of his!

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Would you super-glue your cheating rat to his mistress?

“Thank goodness I could manage to drive home in spite of the pain. As I winced up the stairs and opened the bedroom door, never expecting my husband to be there since he was presumed to be at the party, I stood shell-shocked at what greeted my eyes. Peter was lying flat on his back, stark naked. The bed cover was on the floor and a naked woman was lying next to him. Fury raced through me. I wanted to batter the two of them – but I was in too much pain with my back. The woman’s arm was lying on Peter’s chest.

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Don’t get your lovers’ presents mixed up this Christmas

Raising an eyebrow, I unwrapped the gift, Inside was a pale pink box with a black ribbon and the words ‘Agent Provocateur’. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I looked at Yemi. He had a strange, sickly expression plastered on his face like he’d swallowed an oversized lump of eba. Why on earth was he buying me sexy undies?  We’d not have sex in months.

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Ever Regretted Getting Hitched To Mr. Available?

Unfortunately, Wura’s problem is quite common. As soon as a woman gets out of the university or starts work, the pressure is on for her to find a suitable husband and settle down.  That is why, in terms of choosing a partner for life, she is more likely to go for the prospective ‘perfect’ husband and father over someone untrustworthy and irresponsible. But there’s rather an important factor that seems to be missing here – sexual chemistry. The other factor is the ability to compromise enough to please your partner – which is lacking in Abel, Wura’s fiance.

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