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Married or not, some people like sleeping alone

The fact remains though that in our society, sharing a double bed is a symbol of intimacy, it obviously creates the opportunity to have sexual intimacy and that’s why it has always been a focus.  But all those rules are there to be bent. What intimacy means to one person may be different from what it means to another.

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Ever Regretted Getting Hitched To Mr. Available?

Unfortunately, Wura’s problem is quite common. As soon as a woman gets out of the university or starts work, the pressure is on for her to find a suitable husband and settle down.  That is why, in terms of choosing a partner for life, she is more likely to go for the prospective ‘perfect’ husband and father over someone untrustworthy and irresponsible. But there’s rather an important factor that seems to be missing here – sexual chemistry. The other factor is the ability to compromise enough to please your partner – which is lacking in Abel, Wura’s fiance.

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Husbands Who Believe They’re Goaded Into Being Violent!

Nuru’s text to me was disturbing.  “I don’t know who I really got married to – a saint or the devil?”  Intuitively, I picked him as the few readers of this column to have a chat with. What happened to your marriage?”, I asked him.  “My wife, who I’d been married to for almost 20 years suddenly, turned into a monster”, he said.

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Do you feel hurt and bereaved when good friendship ends?

Twenty years later, I experienced the same response when another friendship came to an end. But as an adult, it was a lot worse.” We’re often told that our mates are more important than our relatives. Modern marriages may come and go, but friends are to have and to hold, for better for worse. Unfortunately, the idea that friendships last forever is a fantasy. Some do endure, but some should never have begun.

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Would you defy your mum to marry your hearthrob?!

Had I properly investigated the family?  Well, what was there to investigate?  This was not the dark ages for heaven’s sake!  She in turn decided to pay a visit to  Tinuola’s family with dad so as to get to know them better. As Likeable as dad is, he’s always dancing to my mother’s whims simply because she’d used her family connections to get him where he is today.

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Having an affair with hubby whilst waiting for the divorce!

“But after we had our two children, we slowly began to drift apart. Real life got in the way of our happiness and we seldom had time for each other. Soon, taking each other for granted became the norm.  The bedroom was for sleeping only and we never laughed any more.  Life stopped being an adventure we were facing together and became a slow trudge towards death!  We started to resent each other. The slightest thing would spark an argument.

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