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What you expect from your marriage is not what you often get!

Sheepishly, she told me it was a long time she saw her mother last as she was now living with her fiance. That would have been perfectly in order if it was what she wanted too. “I would have preferred for us to get married”, she shrugged, “but he doesn’t want to commit himself until I’m pregnant”.

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Wives who are comfortable with their husbands’ other wives!

She described the early years of her marriage as ‘fairytale’. “My husband and I were so completely in love you don’t think it can get any better, but it did,” she said. The reason for her increased happiness may come as a surprise. For while the couple were blessed with children, what really ‘enhanced’ the relationship, according to her, was the arrival of another woman.

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It’s indecent the way some people raid their deceased relatives’ property!

Back in Lagos Alaba nearly went ballistic. The thought of her husband planning to have a child with his mistress whilst convincing her they didn’t need another child nearly blew her mind. She’d lovingly packed his suitcase when he made that fateful journey, never suspecting she was preparing her husband for a night of passion with another woman!

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