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You can have the best of two worlds!

You’ll be amazed at what excuse some people give for having their own back on anyone nasty enough to rub them the wrong way. For three months, Benny had a fantastic time ‘bonding’ with Elijah, her new found love. “A tenis freak, he is an accountant, intelligent and super fit. We sort of clicked until he invited me over to his eldest sister’s 50th birthday party. They’d lost their parents in quick succession and Eli’s Sister, Gbemi is now like the head of the family. A sort of mother-hen, most of her sibblings and family members were in awe of her.

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Why are men such braggarts?

I don’t know what gives the average man the impression that when it comes to sex, his female partner wants the whole works – heavy foreplay, all-night long sex and loads of orgasms. Where he thinks he falls below par, he makes up stories to portray himself a stud. That is how Yunus recently became trapped in his web of lies. “I’ve lied to my girlfriend of nine months about having had a rampant sex life and I’m not sure whether to own up or not”, he said.

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Don’t take your sex life for granted!

Most men think they’re great in bed”, observed Jane, a marriage counsellor.

“But much as we love our men, a five minute quickie before lights out really doesn’t get the earth moving! It’s not that they lack enthusiasm. They’re just being typical male – always ready for action. The problem is their technique – most of them don’t have any. Foreplay is clumsy and hurried, and as for the sex, it’s always wham, barn, was that it?!

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When the office suddenly takes on an interesting look!

It’s no secret that sex in the office is as commonplace as sex in anywhere convenient-all you need is a little bit of privacy and a lot of ingenuity. But, have you ever thought of avenging a wrong by giving yourself an earth-shattering bunk? And, in the office? When this happened to Gbemi, she swore revenge sex was the furtherest on her mind when she was dumped by her boyfriend of two years. I was doing my youth service in a big office when John dumped me,” she said. “It was a dream office to work in and I wanted to make a good impression as I was hoping to be invited to stay permanently. But concentrating on my job was almost impossible.

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Sometimes, all you want is lust the hors d’oevoure!

IT used to be a man’s prerogative to say something ‘clever’ like “I’m in love with you” to get a woman shag – happy. These days, you’ll be glad to know, that ladles are turning into sexual predators too. Quite a number will do anything to get into a man’s pants. Sexologists agreed that it would be a matter of time when women would start approaching sex in what’s still considered a ‘bloke-like’ manner.

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Some women like older men – why not the other way round?

When I met Greg at a workshop recently and realized he was only 29, I lied I was in my 30s when the fact is, I was over 10 years older,” confessed Theresa as she gloated of her latest conquest. “My friends urged me to go for it – to enjoy it while it lasted. And why not? He was still single, very good – looking and thrilled with the idea of bedding a ‘sugar mummy’. I asked him if he’d slept with older women before and he clamped up. No skin off my nose really.

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Why can’t your friend have him if you no longer want him?

There’s no faster killer of friendship than one friend making a banquet of another friend’s male left-over! Angela and Temi’s friendship went way back to their secondary school days. “Even after we went to different universities, our friendship continued,” Temi said. “As luck would have it, thanks to Angela’s dad’s influence, we got posted to the same state for our youth service”. Whilst I ended up teaching in a secondary school, Angela worked in a bank.

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