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Some women like older men – why not the other way round?

When I met Greg at a workshop recently and realized he was only 29, I lied I was in my 30s when the fact is, I was over 10 years older,” confessed Theresa as she gloated of her latest conquest. “My friends urged me to go for it – to enjoy it while it lasted. And why not? He was still single, very good – looking and thrilled with the idea of bedding a ‘sugar mummy’. I asked him if he’d slept with older women before and he clamped up. No skin off my nose really.

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Why can’t your friend have him if you no longer want him?

There’s no faster killer of friendship than one friend making a banquet of another friend’s male left-over! Angela and Temi’s friendship went way back to their secondary school days. “Even after we went to different universities, our friendship continued,” Temi said. “As luck would have it, thanks to Angela’s dad’s influence, we got posted to the same state for our youth service”. Whilst I ended up teaching in a secondary school, Angela worked in a bank.

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A nympho or an adventurer?

Whatever your view on sex is, the fact remains its recently been stripped of its cloak and dagger mystery. Where men once bragged of the number of notches on their bed-posts, women now don’t see sex as a ‘chop and wipe mouth’ phenomenon. They see it as of right- they want it, if it’s available, they take as much as they want. No guilt. Just emotional satisfaction. Ini and I were at Lilians recently and, naturally the banter skirted around sex. Lilian’s cousin Betty’s ‘problem’ came up for serious consideration.

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