Do you know what turns your man on?

By Candida
WHAT are the things a woman does that keep her lover under her spell? For every woman out there who wants to uncover the secrets to seducing a man without much efforts, here are some hot tips from smitten men!

Timothy, a 29-year old egal practitioner has been with his girlfriend, Janet, for close to three years. “I get turned on most when Janet is turned on herself,” he confessed. “We’ve been together almost four years now, so I know exactly what to do to turn her on and I love watching her lose control.

When we’re having sex in the missionary position and she gets carried away, she wraps her legs around me really tight and digs her heels into my bottom to pull me closer to her. It really turns me on to think she wants me that much. She tends to grip things too; sometimes it is the pillow, and other times it’s me.

She doesn’t mean to do it, she just gets lost in the moment, and seeing her like that sends me over the edge all the time!” Adunni is a night club dancer and her dancing is what turns Sammie on. “I first spotted Adunni two years ago when she replaced a former dancer in our club’s band. I was completely aroused by her dancing. I don’t think she was trying to be erotic, but she looked so graceful and comfortable, it drove me wild.

I took her home that night and her rhythm in bed was wilder than when she was on stage. To this day her dancing still turns me on especially when I see all those  men leering  at her and knowing it is me who get to take her home and seduce her all over again! “As an added bonus, she loves sleeping in the nude.

On the nights she stays over, getting a good night’s sleep is a problem. The reward is waking up to see this sleeping beauty on my bed and she’s starker’s!”

Would you believe the long hair extensions most women favour these days could be a turn on? Asked Tex, a fashion designer, recently divorced.

“I love feeling my new girl friend’s long hair as it strokes my body while she’s giving me oral sex. The tickling sensation makes my skin extremely sensitive, and the fact that the movement is accidental, rather than deliberate, makes it all the more pleasurable.

She also goes through this ritual, which is routine to her but very sensual for me – rubbing her body lotion into her skin and looking at herself in the mirror from different angles.

The fact that she doesn’t notice I’m watching means she’s more natural and sexy. Whenever she notices me though, I always tell her she’s missed out some parts of her body, so the performance lasts much longer. By the time I get her into bed, I’m like a wild animal!”

“I’ve been with my girlfriend, Phina for six months, and we stay over at each other’s houses a couple of nights a week,” says Aremu a graphic designer. “There’s something about mid-week sleepovers that brings a sense of urgency to sex.

You have to get up early to go to work, so there’s not much pillow talk and everything is a bit rushed. Because of what I do, I could take my time getting to work but she has to go before I do, I love lying in bed and watching her get ready, when she’s fresh out of the shower, she looks really fresh. She then gets busy looking for something to wear she’s oblivious to me.

I just sit back and admire how sexy she is- knowing I might not see her for a few more days makes me miss her before she even leaves the house, so I always try to get her back into be. Most of the time, it’s too late to tempt her and she resists.

But occasionally, I get to have my way and when I do, I spend the entire day on a high…” “The mirror in my bathroom is a little too high for my girlfriend. Theo, who I’ve been with for nine months, and I keep promising her I’ll move it. I haven’t got round to it thought.

She thinks it’s because I’m lazy but the real reason is she looks gorgeous from behind when she’s trying to look into the mirror to clean her teeth. She has to stand on tip toe and push forward so she can see in the mirror.

It makes the curve of her bum look so amazing in her skimpy nightdress that I’m turned on every time. A few weeks ago, I pounced on her and we had the most fantastic oral sex right there on the bathroom floor! Her mouth was really fresh and minty and the sex was unbelievable.

It’s now my favourite sex moment and there’s no way I’ll adjust that mirror now!”
“The thing that gets me most about my girlfriend of two years is the sound the makes when we make love,” confesses Joel,  an accountant. “She isn’t loud or aggressive.

Half the time, she’s trying to keep the volume down as we live in a block of fiats with paper thin walls. So she lets out these little high-pitched sighs.

And then she whispers in my ear. Feeling her breath so close to me and hearing her husky sex voice does it for me every time. I always try to get her talking, I work away a lot, and when I’m away, I call her late at night, knowing I’ll wake her up. Her sleepy voice reminds me of her sex voice, which is great to hear before I go to sleep…”

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