Diary of a Divorced City Girl

June 21, 2009

This sugar mummy is not ready to confess her age yet

By Candida
LOVE or is it lust is so thin on the ground these days you’re encouraged to grab it when and where you find it. Which is exactly what Mope did! She runs a thriving modest creche and was at this lavish 40th birthday bash when she ran into Olu.

“It was a lively party,” said Mope, when she called at mine to see if she could find a solution to the problem she created for herself.

“I’d gone in the company of a few friends and we were all happily nattering together when I went to replenish my drink. I was clutching a half-filled bottle of champagne when Olu, another member of our group cornered me.  He’d been giving me the eye all evening but I had ignored him. He looked a bit too young for my liking.

“Shall we qo somewhere quieter?” he now asked, taking my arm. I followed him on my stilettos, ignoring the blister on my left heel and we plonked on two chairs near the door. “Tell me about yourself,” he said as he brushed my hand with his, pretending to balance my glass. Close to, he was a very dishy man and I became instantly drawn to him. My heart started thudding loudly.

What could I tell him? That beyond my tight dress and push-up bra was a woman as young as he was? “My name is Mope and I’m a single mother of two?” I told him. That was true enough. I needn’t tell him my two girls were in the university!

“You don’t look a bit like a mother-of-two!” he said, ‘You don’t look that much older than me. How old are you….30, 32…? I am 27″. I must have looked a bit uneasy because he quickly apologized, “Sorry, I shouldn’t ask a lady her age…” ‘No problem,’ I told him.’ ‘I’m actually 35,’ I lied glibly. He raised his eyebrows but quickly told me. “Great body.  I like my women mature”.

I was relieved. He was obviously happy rather than fazed about the apparent eight year gap. But I cringed inside. Because in realty I was 42, but how could I have admitted that I was some 15 years older than he was?

My marriage had ended  after 15  turbulent years and I was trying to socialize again. Now, here I was with this hunk who obviously hadn’t seen my dyed hair or small age lines in the dim lighting.  I quickly left with my friends after we’d exchanged phone numbers. It had felt so good to be chatted once again.

My divorce had hurt me badly and I’d spent many months gazing at my reflection in the mirror, believing I might not get a chance at romance again. So when Olu called the next day wanting to know if he could take me to dinner, I jumped at the chance.

“Fearing he might soon realize how old I really was, I rushed to the hair dressers’ and applied thick make-up. ‘You’re really a gorgeous woman’, Olu complimented as we chatted. I was pleased that we had a lot of things to talk about. At the end of the evening, I was in lust! Though it took a lot of effort for me to stop him from coming into my flat. I wished I had.

What if I’d put him off? I thought of my ex, his middle-age spread and bulging stomach.  Why shouldn’t I taste this young flesh?  Thankfully, he asked to take me out again a few days later.  I quickly put on my sexy clothes and sexiest undies. At the end of the night, when he invited himself to the flat again, I agreed.

I sat on the bed as he undressed and his lithe body was amazing. For once in years, instead of making love to a sinewy, middle-aged body, there was Olu with all that young, hard and rippled sexiness  And, l wasn’t disappointed. He was a stud and I hardly slept a wink that night. I had flat to myself and we romped all we could. My kids were in their various universities.

“From then on, we became a couple driven by lust! We shared wonderful sex like giddy teenagers and I sparkled.

We confessed we loved each other but I’m now riddled with guilt. I’ll be 43 in a few weeks’ time and the girls want to come home to spend the day with me. Olu had already planned an elaborate outing for what he thought would be my 36th birthday.

So Candy baby, .madam Worldly wise, how would you dance out of this particular corner if you found yourself trapped in it?” What a poser? But seriously what has it got to do with me?

I told her she danced into a tight corner all by herself and she should be looking for ways out. But I suggested she fob her daughters off. Her birthday fell on a week day, she should  tell them she was inviting a few friends in the following Saturday and ask the children to join in.

lf she was going to confess to anything, I told her, she owed it to herself to have a mind-blowing 43rd birthday before letting the cat out of the bag; that Olu had been bunking a partner old enough to be his mother! Olu had been anxious to meet Mope’s kids. lShe had given him the impression they were in the boarding house not really letting on they lived on the campus!

Months later, when I ran into Mope, she was still her old self. So how did lover boy absorb the shock when she finally revealed her age? “I haven’t told him everything,” she said, “I can’t. Letting him go would be worse than salving my conscience by telling him the truth.

You might not believe this, but I really care about him. He’ll eventually meet the kids of course, I can’t really hide them away from him for ever. I know once he meets them that might be the end of us together.

You’d think I was too old to get myself in such a mess but there you are. It’s really true what they say – that there’s no fool like an old fool!”

Yet what’s a few age difference amongst couples who genuinely love each other?  It’s not as if you’ll be hankering after wedding bells when your man is years older than you.

All you want, before it’s too late, is the feel of a young taunt and virile body, giving you a physical massage the best masseur can never match.  And women have given out fortunes to get that feel.

It doesn’t matter how long it lasts but how well it makes you feel!