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This is the world of new technology that you decide either to be a part of or be quite nonchalant about.  The truth is that it is important today to make an effort to be smartphone savvy at least have a basic idea. This is a continuation of part one so you are welcome to read on.

Picture Profile

I would not recommend for business purposes any form of communication comes through chat form. For your personal and social usage be selective in the pictures you set up as your profile page. Pictures tend to speak a thousand words. With close colleagues at work keep professional and personal conversations separate.

Remember what you do not want published don’t say it on your smartphone. Your profile picture is good to update your page however be careful not to draw too much attention to yourself by changing it ever so often.

Formal/ Informal Usage

Your phone is a gadget that can be very addictive and time consuming.  Your phone should not be an excuse not to be in the present when you are among others. Please note that when you are going for a meeting or attending an appointment, whether you are conducting or attending the meeting, the phone is the least priority at that time. Your phone should be silently kept away for the duration. Nothing can be more impolite than answering a phone when you have got the attention of others. One missed phone call will not kill you, attend to missed calls and messages at a more appropriate time. Do not respond to text messages or emails in a formal gathering, dinner or speaking engagement.

Speaker Phone

For convenience you may decide to use the speaker phone or a hands-free gadget but when and where is essential and should not be overlooked. Whether the conversation is private, social or professional they should all be taken as confidential. If you are a business professional who relies heavily on your phone for business communications you may find yourself using the speaker phone more often. Be observant when you do this, you will need to be discreet in talking aloud as people around you will be forced to eavesdrop unconsciously.

Social Media

Social media today has taken over the wave length, for some it is what I would say the be all end all. The fact that you have Hi –Tech smartness in your palm is now great but has its deterrents all the same. The use of Twitter, Facebook, Linked- In, You-tube, Instagram and many more forms of social media are becoming ever so popular today. Many businesses are tuning into these devices to stay in touch with clients, customers, viewers and business contacts. Your smartphone is a great device for keeping social contacts and reaching out to a large community. It is important to remember to sign off after use to protect your data. Be extra careful not to refer to anything work related during social discussions, information travels superfast and can be misinterpreted.


Over and above all when you own a smartphone, you will realize that a lot of your life is slowly accumulated on to it. It is paramount that you secure your smartphone with a password or pattern ID identifiable by you alone. Currently there is a software that   helps you track your phone when it has been stolen anywhere in the world. All smartphones are hot cakes in many places, guard your phones jealously.


One disadvantage I have found with smartphones phones is that the battery has a tendancy to run down pretty fast, many times you may be called when your phone

is off, It can be quite frustrating for someone to call and find that you are not available. Carry an extra charged battery or a charger which can be used on your laptop, in your car or office.


Smartphones can be quite expensive depending on the specification and services provided; this may depend on the network you decide to use. It is important to factor in all the necessary costs before purchase. Buy the affordable version.

Today in our current vibrant environment one can almost not do without a professional smartphone. They are also great for marketing and event broadcasts for entrepreneurs.

Whatever the reason you have for obtaining a smartphone it most certainly must be used correctly watch out for my telephone etiquette tips, a real image killer if you get it wrong.

Good luck as you continue to discover the swift wave of new technology on a daily basis right in your palms.

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