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Are you a Fashionista? (Part 2)

By Janet Adetu


1.) Shop ‘Til You Drop:

Are you a shopper lover? Many ladies especially go on shopping sprees because they get an adrenaline rush. The whole art of seeing something that looks nice and the attitude of ‘I must have it’ comes to play. Sometimes it has to do with seizing the moment or the fact that if you do not buy it now you may not see it again next time. Men do the same believe it or not but in a more strategic manner. They choose that shopping day and endeavour to buy everything all at once. They have no time to be walking up and down for two to three days in a row. Being fashion forward here means that you keep buying even when physically you are tired. You are also prepared to run up your debts all for the sake of “I must have that”.

High Heel pair of shoes

2.) Buy More Than You Need:

Are you a lover of shoes so much so that you have 20 black pairs, 5 red pairs, 10 beige pairs and the list gets longer? You are victim of buying more than you need. The same applies to your clothing pieces when you have the same shirt in the same colour multiple times. Now the issue arises when you have not thought about how to mix and match these pieces that stand alone.

3.) Nursing a Psychological Need

In a bid to keep up with the Jone’s or the Ojo’s many have the desired need to want to belong, either to a certain community or group. There can be signs of anxiety and depression or inadequacy when compared to others. This trend begins to portray the ‘feel good’ trend. If you cultivate your own style being fashion forward could mean being the leader and setting the trend. Why not be the ‘Jones’ yourself and let others follow.

4.) Keeping Up With The Trends:

Some get self- worth in chasing trends, and creating dramatic presence all the time. Even when you don’t need it you convince yourself that you do. Without thinking through any of the proposed consequences. New technology has made life so much easier allowing purchases 24 hours a day and 7 days a week while still in bed in your pj’s. By implication you do not need to set aside a shopping day and travel arrangements you can shop all day, any day, any time.  Truth be told these purchases are more wants than needs.

5.) Stress Relief:

I must admit personally, I love shopping as well as keeping up with fashion trends, but never a must only if I have the opportunity to shop in the right places at the right time. Some feel that shopping for fashion is therapeutic as it relieves them of stress. Findings show that the art of exchanging money for an outfit, a bag or a pair of shoes is self-soothing; the shopping anticipation negates the original issue and becomes a reward. Does going out to buy a new pair of shoes give you self – satisfaction thereby indirectly relieving you momentarily of your stress, challenges or pressures. It does for me!

6.) Money Wasting:

In being fashion forward remember do you look at your lifestyle and identify your frequent daily activities. Have you arranged your wardrobe according to what you spend most of your days doing? If you are a professional your wardrobe should be dominated with a good set of office wear. If you have too many fancy gowns you are wasting your resources. Are you a victim?

7.) Fashion Forward Faux Pas: 

The flip side to this all is when you are so comfortable in your jeans or your wrapper all day, every day as a woman or as a man you are more comfortable in slippers, faded jeans and casual tops even as an executive. What does that say about you? Maybe you prefer to buy for others and not yourself, or you tend to avoid the mirror whenever you can or better still you are in the realm of dressing for the body you wish you had and not the one you have now. It is time to reminisce take stock of you and begin to self- pamper.

In being fashion forward try to strike a balance, dress to feel, act and think happy not the other way around. Seek an Image Consultant fast and overcome all your inhibitions.

Wishing you the best of luck!



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