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2015 Elections: Some vital national issues revisited

It looks as if the principal gladiators in the March 28, 2015 Presidential election are using the opportunities provided by the postponement of February 14, 2015 to re-emphasise their earlier promises of making the country more secure and prosperous. There is no doubt that all Nigerians are very happy with the exploits of our patriotic and fearless security outfits (aided by their neighbours) in overcoming the armed and murderous insurgents. It has been pleasant news that the brutally displaced persons are now returning to their homes.

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2015 Elections: The dilemma of a postponement

The last postponement by INEC Chairman of elections scheduled for 14th and 28th February 2015 is not the first one under the present Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) headed by Professor Jega. The first one under his watch happened in 2011. The postponement announced on 7th February seems to be divinely inspired and should be appreciated by all Nigerians who might have been saved the embarrassment of the century.

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2015 Elections:Some specific issues cleverly avoided

With the Presidential election about one week away, the amusing gyrations of the political gladiators continue unabated. There is little doubt the suffering masses are presumed to be enjoying the macabre daylight dance in the market. The Boko Haram insurgents (murderers) always make their presence felt by the dastardly acts of the female suicide bombers (an innovation in Nigeria).

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Condition of the nation: Delight and dilemma of journalists

I love my country, Nigeria dearly and I cherish its loving people immensely. In Nigeria, there is no dull moment as everyday brings its own contrasting news from sadness and hopelessness to happiness and hope. That is Nigeria for you and its own peculiar characteristics. Unlike Denmark which contains the happiest people in the world, Nigeria portrays a delightful mixture of sadness and happiness.

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