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A world of Agreements (2)

A sober look at life at some point will often reveal hidden truths, flaws, weaknesses and even good and positive sides. We all grow, we live, we love, we learn. Life is a teacher, it uses people, situations, our emotions to teach us; we may not always embrace the lessons but we learn them again and again till we make better choices. As a rule, I try not to waste my time on regrets, I do the best I can in any situation given the knowledge at my disposal, if I knew better then I would have done better! I process things differently from most people, I am often referred to as a free minded liberal without boundaries! I would love to deny the description as its not very flattering but a denial wont really be a true position. I would instead describe myself as a broadminded soul who has learnt to let people define their own boundaries without any help from me. I let people judge themselves by their actions and treat them in like manner. My world view is that an open mind and an open heart make for a joyous life.

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A world of agreements (1)

Life as we know it is based on agreements. We commit ourselves to others, to tasks, to careers, partners and the list goes on. We have to agree to communicate and interact. Business requires agreements. Love, marriage, even divorce requires agreements that states the expectations and responsibilities of participants. Agreements come in variants and they cover absolutely everything.

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Hare so fast

The hare is a mammal, it is bigger than the rabbit and not known for its depth or intelligence.The past two weeks were all about the race ran between the hare and tortoise. The fable itself is African in origin but it has spread around the world and I doubt there are still people in the world not familiar with it. So for a quick recap; here goes.

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The race ran (2)

The human ego is the undoing of our peace and on a personal level, its a character flaw we all have to work on if we are ever to live and live well. Let’s even just leave the politicians and religious figures aside and focus on our personal peace and well being.

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The race ran (1)

There is a great fable of a race ran by the tortoise and the hare. Both animals are healthy, capable and very able to live well and survive their environments. They are as different in looks as they are in gifts and abilities, they each had different tastes and different needs but they were an integral part of the animal society they lived in.

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The Age Thing

By Debbie Olujobi Life happens to the wicked and the kind and we will all age as the years pass by. Its a constant struggle dealing with the limitations that age hoisters upon us as we get older. When you are young you take many things for granted and assume that you can do any
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A New Nigeria

Exasperation is at best the word that comes to mind when I am faced with ineptitude; especially amongst leaders who lack the ability to lead. I will freely admit that patience as a virtue is something I am lacking, that all the self help books and psychoanalysis have achieved is just rage control and and a leash on my sometimes acerbic tongue.

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Being Enough

A scene in an American television series caught my attention a few weeks ago. A couple of years ago I had taken a fancy to the series “Soul Food” and I had religiously watched on television every Sunday at 6pm till it was abruptly yanked off the air. When I had come across the DVD boxed set of the entire series I had bought with glee.

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God’s time

It is a bit difficult to celebrate with others when one is not so joyous, it can be a little trying to be happy for others when one is anything but that. I like to engage people in often painful and truthful arguments, the truth can be very bitter but it is also liberating; misery likes company and happy is not always best of friends with sad. I was sitting down listening to the heartfelt angst of a young friend and it took me back to the years when I was in the group of “misery likes company”, you know that group, all of us have one time or the other been active members.

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