By Debbie Olujobi

Given the choice between a book and a movie I always make the choice of books! While watching movies is invariably easier and less mentally tasking than digesting a book, it gives a lot less satisfaction than the vivid imagery that the mind can conjure. The human imagination has more colours than have been named and its vivid descriptions of characters and plots are hardly ever matched by what is possible to create by actors and directors! The genius of it is that a million readers can have different perceptions from reading the exact same book! The human imagination is the greatest tool of the mind and its use positively or negatively decides the reality we live; it is the life blood of strongholds.

Dismissing the power of our imaginations is just an exercise in futility and even worse, a product of ignorance! I received an email last week and the writer ended it with a greeting and two interesting words “take charge”. The final frontier for us all is mastering the latent power in our minds and taking charge of our imagination. Our conscious and our subconscious are both separate parts of our mind; the conscious follows deductive reasoning while the unconscious is the storehouse of eternal truths, information not readily available to the conscious mind and most importantly the power to make manifest almost everything we can think of! I define deductive reasoning as assumptions drawn from the conclusions of the five senses! Makes sense, except that the five senses have little or no information and absolutely no power in the real context!

Don’t get me wrong, It is possible to consciously make decisions that change the world based on what  we see, feel, touch etc! President Bush and President Medvedev can start the war to end all wars by the push of a button and that could be seen as power but what about the power that can change the thought processes of each man and render them docile even in hostile situations? How about power strong enough to change situations just at the speed of thought, without a word or even struggle? I would consider that power, great power indeed!

Ambition is a tool of imagination; you picture yourself in a position that is out of reach and fervently begin to put the wheels in motion to make it happen!  Imagination has got to be fed, try to feed your mind with positive things; if you are anxious and even paranoid, then stay away from horror movies and situations of agitations! Saturate your mind with information that edify and motivate! Ask a little child what they want to be and they initially may choose to be a prince or princess, they are mostly fed fairytales! As they develop they begin to identify role models from their surroundings and even television! Let your child watch too much MTV and they may desire to be a gangster rapper.

Let your child read and watch more educationally stimulating programmes and you begin to hear that they want to become astronauts and computer whizzes. Their imagination is fed by the information that is made available to them and if the same information is reinforced they end up as products of their imagination. It doesn’t occur to a child that studying astronomy may be an out of reach ambition and they may never lose focus till an adult kills their ambition by pointing out that space programs don’t exist in Nigeria and that getting a scholarship to do it in NASA is almost impossible as American kids are first and last in line! Yes, some people may call it a reality check and even an act of kindness, I call it laying the solid foundation for the first stronghold!

Absolutely everything is possible, Nigerians have been found in every field of endeavour the world over and their circumstances and nationality has not been the reason for failure. I heard a story of how Chief Raymond Dokpesi of AIT was discovered by President Obasanjo in a classified scientific position in Poland decades ago! As I write, there are quite a few Nigerians working in high positions in NASA and before long one will be on the moon. So killing a child’s dream is not being realistic it’s simply saying you as an adult are a limited being and serve a limited God; its saying you don’t believe in miracles but just muddle through life in mediocrity! If that’s true for you, it’s sad but it’s no reason to kill ambition with words of discouragement cloaked as reality checks! The true reality is that everything is possible!

I found an analogy that buttresses my point beautifully in a book I am still reading. Imagine that you have a wide, let’s say 2 feet piece of plank and you were asked to walk 30 paces on it while it’s flat on the floor!! Seems pretty easy if you are not inebriated! But just imagine that you were required to walk the same distance on the same plank on foot while it is a 100 feet above the ground; most of us could not! We can’t because our five senses get in the way by producing fear, we imagine ourselves falling off and we immediately begin to tilt to the side! Those who can do it are schooled in stilling their consciousness to a state of calm; a position of relaxation that banishes fear and therein lies the final destruction of every stronghold we all have. We learn to take charge of our imagination and let the stillness in our subconscious help us do the walk; the same is true of every purpose under heaven!

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