Debbie Olujobi

Everybody prays; we pray in times of trouble, when there’s danger and when we really desire something! It’s almost second nature to pray! Praying means we agree that there is a higher power and we believe it can help us! We can tear down every imaginable stronghold with prayer but not all prayers are answered and that in itself could be a stronghold! No one is to blame as even students of theology hardly have the incontrovertible method of prayer but I have found that science and prayer are extremely compatible.

prayerPrayers are ineffective when they are reduced to a frantic and desperate cry, lacking focus and even faith! Just like agitated patients can’t be treated by psychiatrists till they are calm. The imagination brings up the worst possible scenarios in times of despair and prayers are rendered impotent. An effective prayer requires focus, calm and a complete surrender of our situations to a greater power! Remember “Cast your care”? Trusting absolutely that a greater power has the solutions that may not be obvious to us! In the Lord’s Prayer; the, most important request is “Let thy will be done”. Trying to draw a blue print for God on how he can help us is futile as His ways our not our ways in other words state the problem; leave the solution to God.

Prayer is not only the process of kneeling and making supplication, it begins with a visualisation of our objective, just as a great artist sees his finished painting in his mind’s eye before he holds a brush! We must begin to see ourselves as who we desire to be and actively enact it in our mind; every fibre of our being must be impregnated with our goal! Remember prayer is futile without faith and faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen! The human mind is most pliable when the conscious is submissive to the will of the subconscious!  Your five conscious senses must be employed to see your destination, to taste, hear and feel it completely!

The imagination must conform to our supplications! It’s no use praying for wealth and abundance when your imagination supplies you with a vivid imagery of lack! When such negative thoughts come and they sometimes do we must superimpose better imageries of our expectations! Fasting is a great tool, the mind is easily distracted by the energy the body expends on digestion. I am a firm believer in fasting; after a while the hunger pangs do give way but it is not meant to fight our strong or permissive will; its sole purpose is to create a more pliant conscious so the subconscious can take over!Fasting gives prayer more focus and the greatest minds have used it to great effect, remember Grandi

Psychologists know that the best time to recondition a mind is when the conscious is pliant and relaxed, they work with the subconscious! Monks spend time in seclusion, chanting and releasing every conscious thought, focussing only on their breathes to reach a higher plane of consciousness! Christians and Muslims alike understand the need for seclusion and abstinence from conscious distractions to make contact with the divine and their efforts are always rewarded with great insight and an overall refreshing of their bodies and minds!  For those who can’t invest in extensive and effective prayers or even seclusion, the Baudoin technique might be the answer!

Charles Baudoin was a professor (psychotherapist) at the Rousseau institute in France .You condense your desire/prayer into a word or brief phrase and repeat it over and over again till you fall asleep, the few minutes of drowsiness before sleep mimics the state of hypnosis and he conducted successful experiments on patients who were healed of many mental and physical diseases! There are great words that one can autosuggest in the form of a lullaby just before sleep and I promise from experience they produce great results and do destroy many strongholds!! A good example is when facing Anxiety or Sorrow, say I have Peace and joy (envision yourself in peaceful serenity and utter joy; let this be your last waking thought. Keep at it till it comes to pass.)

So as we all battle the unpleasant realities of terrorism, recession and the plague of Ebola,  I come with the answer to all our fears. yes you guessed it; Preyer. To all those pessimists fearfully anticipating doomsday I dare suggest that prayer, a conscious reprogramming of negativity to positivity will bring change from darkness to light. A little child in our situation will not worry and would probably escape into a place where fun and games would be possible even if they had a terminal disease. I am not a fan of Patrick Sawyer and his desperate actions put a whole nation at risk, but I can understand the fear and desperation that informed his actions.At this time he shouldn’t be that Liberian, what he was, was human, flawed and afraid like all of us. For some reason he believed that in Nigeria he would be saved, forgetting that we didn’t have a clue about this disease.

I won’t speak ill of the dead and while I am aggrieved that my fellow citizens have died because of him, I can only wish him rest. I am particularly sad that the very kind Dr Adadevoh has been infected and I am employing the tools of prayer for her healing as well as all those infected. Overcoming strongholds require faith strong enough that we start living in the realm of possibilities and even impossibilities, truth is some people in history survived greater plagues, greater terrorism and economic meltdowns, we will too.

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