By Debbie Olujobi

It’s absolutely amazing to me to find that deep inside ourselves is the one place we will never look for answers. Quite a lot of people are terrified to look within for answers, they find it easier to blame the environment, their parents, bad luck or even their situations, and anybody but them is the source of all discontent and failure. We like to follow the path of least resistance, taking on suggestions and established truths of others so we don’t have to dig for our own inner truths! Once upon a time, it was an established truth that the earth was flat; the man who thought it round was considered a heretic; so founding our lives on established truths is tricky as truth changes ground once new information is available! There is much talk of the five proven senses; almost everyone is sold on the senses of taste, touch, sight, smell etc. I am a firm believer in multisensory perception and believe strongly in the continuum of the senses; I appreciate the things I see, touch taste etc but I don’t dismiss those that I can’t. A continuum is something that doesn’t have an end or beginning; that’s what knowledge is. A good example is the television; the waves that transmit the pictures may not be visible to the naked eye but they are there as evidenced by pictures we see; they are still in the room when you turn off the television; pretending they are not there doesn’t not invalidate their existence.

Strongholds are the end products of fear, of suggestions that have been planted into our minds that we are less than we can be. Simply put if you believe you can’t, you can’t!! So many people have been told repeatedly that they can’t; that they themselves have accepted that they can’t! It’s almost like being programmed for failure by auto suggestions (fear induced suggestions} and heterosuggestions (derogatory name calling and suggestions by others; mostly loved ones!)I came across the terms as a teenager( a story for another day) when I started acquiring books on hypnotherapy and Telekinesis a long time ago so I know for certain how pliable the human mind is. The mind is like a very fertile garden; the seeds you plant will grow! If parents affirm that their children will grow up to be vagabonds, it is almost certain that they will be! If the adult doesn’t counter with powerful and positive suggestions to uproot the evil seeds the damage is most times irreparable! The beauty however is the pliable nature of the mind, it can be reprogrammed to turn fear into faith and negativity into optimism, and it all depends on the individual! A simple set of questions is key.

Do you want more?

Do you truly believe that you deserve more?

Are you willing to look within for the answers?

The first step is to start believing that you can and answering a resounding YES to all three questions! There are certainly challenges that have nothing to do with our minds that we face in this perilous times.  The dangers of terrorism and Ebola are not strongholds my mind has made up, they are very clear and present dangers that we all face. My mind is however in control of how I let those things affect me and it will certainly navigate the way I balance the real danger against the natural fear we all feel.

I attended the birthday of a friend, brother, pastor a while back and I marvelled at a mind that had broken free of strongholds and all vain limitations and vanities. Pastor Kunle Ajayi is a gift of God not only to Pastor Enoch Adeboye, who calls him son and minstrel, he is a gift of beautiful, soul lifting music to the rest of the world and long before I became his sister and friend I was a fan! At a small and intimate celebration with friends over lunch last sunday to celebrate his 50th, he gave a thank you speech that was a message and a rhema to all that were present. He told a story of a life that was almost truncated by ill health and gave God the glory for a career in music that has defied medical explanations. “If I die now, I have lived well” he said and he brushed all our  protestations aside. He could say that because there were no more strongholds left. His mind was not limited by fear, rather he had no fear, even of the ultimate end, whenever and however that was! His focus was on the prize that awaits all of those who live for Christ.

Whatever may come, I am personally persuaded that fear is not the answer, I refuse to demonise any tribe,religion or region of Nigeria, I remain a Nigerian who loves Nigeria and Nigerians and I will not let fear erect strongholds in my mind. Truth is that I will live the best life possible and leave all else to God who is the ultimate decider of my fate. I want more, I believe I deserve more and I am willing to look inside of me for more.

I started tearing down strongholds built in my mind by negativity of others a long time ago and I am actively working hard to rid my mind of fears that are a result of the dangers now so present all around. Like Pastor Kunle I want to build my mind up to a level where even death holds no fear for me and I will take no thought for tomorrow, that’s God’s responsibility. I can only encourage others to not give in to hate and reprisals; hate is not defeated by hate, love and moderation should be our objective to rescue our beloved country!


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