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God’s time

It is a bit difficult to celebrate with others when one is not so joyous, it can be a little trying to be happy for others when one is anything but that. I like to engage people in often painful and truthful arguments, the truth can be very bitter but it is also liberating; misery likes company and happy is not always best of friends with sad.

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Making room

A sense of belonging is what most people spend their whole lives looking to find; its why we are attached to friends and relatives; its why we spend a major part of our lives looking for that special someone to share our lives with; its why we build our homes to particular tastes and fill it with all sorts of knick knacks that make it a home.. As much as we all aspire to greatness; to excel in all enterprises we set our minds to no; one really wants to be all alone! Those who seek lives of complete solitude have either been spurned by the world or driven away from civilisation to find deeper meaning in things that are totally outside the range of judgement and rejection. What is becoming very apparent to me is that quite a number of people are actually very lonely despite not being alone! Sounds ridiculous to be in the middle of a crowd yet be consumed by abject loneliness but surprisingly a number of people are in that very position. Robin Williams, one of the world’s most accomplished comedians this year committed suicide, he was full of life and made everyone laugh, who would have guessed how miserable he was? His state of mind was captured in a haunting quote. In his words “I used to think the worst thing in life was being all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone”

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Calculated clarity

The view one has of the world is most of the time determined by the information one has at any present time. So you could be living a really different reality than what really obtains all around you. I have always held the view that my acceptable reality is one that helps me live the best life I possibly can, I don’t go digging for truths that sour my joy and where I am faced with ugly facets of people’s character, I just look away, it’s what I call calculated clarity.

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Overcoming strongholds

Everybody prays; we pray in times of trouble, when there’s danger and when we really desire something! It’s almost second nature to pray! Praying means we agree that there is a higher power and we believe it can help us! We can tear down every imaginable stronghold with prayer but not all prayers are answered and that in itself could be a stronghold! No one is to blame as even students of theology hardly have the incontrovertible method of prayer but I have found that science and prayer are extremely compatible.

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Strongholds: The final frontier

Given the choice between a book and a movie I always make the choice of books! While watching movies is invariably easier and less mentally tasking than digesting a book, it gives a lot less satisfaction than the vivid imagery that the mind can conjure. The human imagination has more colours than have been named and its vivid descriptions of characters and plots are hardly ever matched by what is possible to create by actors and directors! The genius of it is that a million readers can have different perceptions from reading the exact same book! The human imagination is the greatest tool of the mind and its use positively or negatively decides the reality we live; it is the life blood of strongholds.

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