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Ambode and the madness on Lagos roads

For some reason, in the past week, the Lagos state propaganda machine has made a hue and a dance about the Governor making a harsh example of some uniformed personnel and another hapless fellow who had been driving against traffic along the Airport road in Lagos.

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Empathy over Politics

Not many knew there could be a strong relationship between poetry and the economy until   Nigerian   Poet,   Dike Chukwumerije gave his outstanding performance at the 23rd  Nigerian Economic     Summit in Abuja last year, with which he exposed our ethnic hypocrisies as a nation while criticizing other peoples about racism.

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More privatised than thou

At the very height of globalization, Nigeria adopted the mantra: government has no business doing business. Having convinced citizens of this baseless philosophy and while we were drunk in the euphoria of new civilian rule, the Obasanjo administration proceeded to dispose of some of the state’s businesses, many of which owned some of the state’s most valuable movable and unmovable assets. Massive real estate assets in the highbrow neighbourhoods of Ikoyi and Victoria Island were divested and essentially round-tripped with the promise of enhanced efficiency in the different spheres.

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