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How unhealthy narratives hurt the Nigerian girl child

October 11- the world came together yet again to draw attention to the plight of the girl child once again, and all over the world.

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June 12: That history might be written well

Teju Abiola, one of the youngest – if not the youngest – wives of MKO Abiola during his lifetime, was a vociferous human rights advocate, up until her demise in 2010. A woman of great beauty, sharp wits and a delicate frame, she hardly fit the profile of a rabble rouser; but she was, devoting much time and resources to forcing out the post June 12 dictators and then watering the seedling of the democracy which had germinated out of the June 12 struggle.

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The loving lawmaker and the real issues

The loving lawmaker and the real issues“ It is car-giving season, it would appear. It began with sweetheart crooner David O, who presented a porsche to his 23 year old flame of the moment on her birthday, his baby daddy drama of yester years forgotten. Fast forward to Nina of the Big Brother fame , who was gifted a brand new automobile for her 22nd birthday last week by one Toyin  Lawani, her stylist. “But that is show business . In that world glamour, glitz and grandeur hold sway; and the fellow whose actions command the most attention wins.“ It is quite the opposite in public service in general .

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Why I want to be president —35- year- old APC aspirant, Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba II is the Chief Executive Officer of IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, a cloud computing company headquartered in Lagos. His company is ranked by the silicon review as a top 10 Microsoft solutions provider in Africa. His company services clients in 39 African countries. He delved into politics in 2017 with a vision to structurally reform Nigeria.

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