Instagram comedian, Nwagbo Oliver Chidera, popularly known as Pankeeroy has a penchant for creating laughable skit. In this interview with Vanguard, he talks about his experiences in the comedy industry among other things.

How did you get into the comedy business?

I love to watch comedy and I admired the comedians because I love the immediacy of the art form. There was this thrill I get when comedy is done right so my passion for it grew and here I am. 

 Have you always wanted to be a comedian?

I have always wanted to be an entertainer when I was in secondary school because the art form excites me; it’s been a dream to be in the space, so I can say yes to that…

How do you come up with ideas for your skits?

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I tend to let ideas just come to me through real life experiences around me. I think about it, I visualize, I brain-storm and create funny contents in my head. If it makes me laugh or sounds funny to me then I begin to structure, build on the idea and think of all the other ways to milk the humour of it. It sounds really clinical but it can be a fun process.

 What really makes you laugh?

I’m a big fan of the Pankeeroy brand, sometimes I make myself laugh lol, and too many things make me laugh. My close friends can have me howling as well, most of them are comics themselves we all function on the same messed up wavelength in some way. I’m just a happy person.

What is the most memorable moment in your career so far?

Well, I have too many memorable moments in my career. One of them is the day I performed with my guys in Dubai over a large crowd of people, I can never forget that day. We literally shut it down and that was a pretty special moment I can’t forget.

If you were not a comedian what would you do?

If I was not doing what I’m doing now, I will be doing business or catering because I like making healthy foods.

What is the best thing about your job?

I get to work with my friends and that really makes it fun. Well to be honest any day I put out contents and its doing well and I see that people are enjoying it. It is always a memorable and happy feeling for me.

What is the funniest comedy you have ever done?

Funniest? Well, I have done too many funny videos but some of which cracks me up most of the times are a comedy skit I did with a snake, my prank videos , an entangled relationship skit among others (Laughs).  I have done many funny videos to tag any as the funniest though.

Which of your comedy brought you to limelight?

Honestly, I don’t know which of my contents brought me to limelight but I’m certain which ever it was, I’m still grateful to God.

 What is the bad thing about your job?

No regrets so far, just positive vibes all the way.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is the job itself, the great feeling and love I get from my fans Worldwide (My Pancakes and 100s). Knowing I have people who genuinely love me for no reason is of the best things honestly.

Do you crack jokes in real life or are quite serious?

Yes, I love messing about and I get serious when I need to too.

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