By Ovie Edomi

Those conversant with Delta State politics would no doubt remember that after the gubernatorial primaries of PDP in 2007 which followed the expiration of the two-term tenure of Chief James Ibori’s governorship, key stakeholders of PDP from all the major ethnic groups from the three senatorial districts of Delta State held a stakeholders meeting where they all unanimously agreed that the governorship ticket of the party in the state will be ROTATED amongst the three senatorial districts in Delta state.

How time flies, the governorship ticket has gone round the three Senatorial zones with Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s administration, and at the end of his tenure, it will be the place of the Urhobo to take the first place in the second era and produce the next governor of Delta State come 2023. This is the central goal behind a consolidation pressure group appointed by Urhobo nationalist elites and stakeholders to pursue and implement the 2023 gubernatorial mandate cordially vested on the Urhobo pursuant to the early agreement.

Consequently, as of now, about 10 prominent Urhobo sons are believed to have keen interest in running for the 2023 Delta State governorship elections. It is my conviction that nothing would be difficult for the Delta Central Senatorial zone to accomplish in Delta State considering our ubiquitous number, spread and characteristics. The unity of purpose and command of the Delta Central leaders on this unique occasion is the authority and  magic wand that can make or mar the choosing of the right candidate which is the sine qua non to coveting the winning prize.

In fact, there is a strong need to optimally utilise the trophy and make it shine so that every Urhobo from Jesse to Obiaruku and from Abbi to Sagbama round to Bomadi and Forcados unto Gelegele will be made proud. But first, the election must be won. The only way this prodigious feat can be clinched is for all PDP Central Urhobo party stalwarts to sheathe their personal interests and project only the collective  interest of all Delta Central Urhobo people. I am wholeheartedly convinced that Urhobo Delta Central nation shall not only smile at the polls in 2023; but will install a government that will take the region to the next level of positive developmental accomplishments.

The major reason for this timely caution is for everything to be done with utmost foresight and vision right from the very beginnings. Everything possible should be done to avoid promoting a wrong candidate that could end up destroying the chances of the ruling party come the 2023 Governorship race. The Bible talks of special articles that are separated and dedicated for noble use. First impressions cannot be made twice. It’s very important that the right candidate should be chosen, fortified, embellished, endorsed and supported ab initio.

While there can be no doubt that one or two of the present aspirants have worked for the common good of Urhobo Central people in general or particular in time past and are therefore eligible for consideration for the race come the primaries, there is a near astronomic or celestial need to choose the very best and most prospect-full amongst the aspirants that are presently expressing interest in the gubernatorial race and I believe the reason is obvious. There are candidates and there are candidates; but there are candidates with which to win and candidates that will lead to losing. This is the reality and not a wishful fact.

However, knowledge is tantamount to power they say. The Bible alludes that people perish for lack of knowledge. This is why it is obligatory to give expository knowledge to present relevant insights upon one of the aspirants presently contending for the 2023 Gubernatorial race, so that the people may know him and understand his worth and know why we like and want him; believing that you also will as well like and want him, when you know what we know about him. His middle name is Okiemute. It means very simply but subtly, though not imperceptibly, that there is a time for everything, and by intentional extension, for everyone. Quite mesmerisingly, there are some notable appurtenances about the man, Hon. Fred Okiemute Majemite that mark him out to be preferred for this August role at this present time in the annals of our state and senatorial history.

Hon Fred Majemite is a prolific son of Urhobo land who practices politics without bitterness. He is most unassuming but highly reassuring, industrious, highly articulate, highly personable, increasingly humble,  a good mixer and a team player. Besides, he is admirable, very charitable and knowledgeable in politics and governance having served as Special adviser on Environment, honourable Commissioner for Special Duties and later honourable Commissioner for Land.

At other times, he served as member, Appeal Committee , Koggi State House of Assembly primaries (2006), Chairman, Appeal Committee for PDP in Cross River party congress in 2016 as well as Chairman, Delta Central PDP campaign Council in 2019  amongst others. A Lawyer by profession and his law firm has produced several lawyers. Some of whom have become colossus in corporate law and in the corporate world. He also has an engineering and construction company that has executed several projects in the Niger Delta region.

There is no doubt that it is for such a time as this that our Fred has come. Majemite is our paradigm for Urhobo. He knows the interiors and exteriors of the inner contours of the dwelling places of the fathers of the clan and he himself is a grassroots politician who understands the yearning of our teeming youths, women and the elderly. Fred Majemite has over the years supported the elderly, empowered youths, donated books to tertiary institutions, sponsored many indigent students in tertiary institutions  as well as supported several people to stand in business. He has been honoured with countless traditional tittles. Did they not say that when a child washes his hands and they become very clean; that he eats with elders, clergies and kings?

Fred Majemite’s popularity continues to spread like wide fire and some people are asking already if he would be able to satisfy everybody. The truth is that it doesn’t take an arm and a leg to satisfy the people as a governor. Deltans would be satisfied knowing that they have a man that truly listens and cares about them and will do his utmost best for the people in any given situation. In any case for those being apprehensive; they know he has the capacity to transform the various Senatorial zones and consolidate on the development strides of Governor James Ibori, the incumbent governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa and other past governors, so that Deltans will continue to experience and treasure the hallmarks of democratic governance which are the dividends given to the people.

For Majemite, his  victory will be a  truly and sincere victory for all Deltans. To say that he has the midas touch is stating the obvious. He is indeed, the man whom the cap fits.

Edomi is the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, South South International, and former Publicity Secretary of Association of Communication Scholars and Professionals of Nigeria.

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