Are you thinking that the holiday season is just the best time for your relocation? If yes, then you are going wrong here. If not holidays then what is the best time to move. Moving is always a big challenge and the added pressure of the holiday season makes the movie even worse.

Because it is the time when you have to do a lot of tasks from planning considerations to building requirements to moving tasks completion on the deadline turns your holiday time into a hectic and stressful time. The holiday season is the time of the year when you should relax and enjoy your time but moving turns this time into a stressful one.

As per the top-rated state to state movers, choosing the proper time for a successful move is very important. This holiday season could be considered as the worse season to move because the coved bogeyman is in the shadows and this is the end of the year so you should avoid meeting new people at this time.

We all should enjoy this best time of the year opening gifts, enjoying the Christmas spirit all around. Therefore, the holiday season could not be considered as a great time to move.

Why you should not relocate during the holiday season?

  1. Movers also take time off

Yes, almost all the moving companies work during the holiday season as well but remember that their employees also take-off during this time. If you have only the option to move this time then you should book your movers at least a few weeks in advance because they work with the smaller staff during this time. With the small teams, they are not on the proper trek.

  1. The stress can get to you badly

There are a lot of tasks to complete during the holiday season plus the moving tasks will lead to a lot of stress in your mind. If you want to keep the worry in control then you should focus on the things that you can control. You should not worry about the things that you can’t even control.

  1. Flying would be a challenge 

During the holiday season, people fly a lot, some go for vacations and some people choose to go back to their home towns who are not there because of their jobs, schools or because of any other reason. At this time, you will meet higher traffic on the roads and the flights would be booked completely therefore it becomes challenging to travel and to move during this time of the year.

  1. Charges at hotels 

If it is a long-distance move and you need to spend the night in a hotel then getting a hotel room will be difficult as most families choose to go out for trips during this holiday season. And if you get the one, you should be ready to pay higher. The price goes higher whenever a thing is higher in demand. If you already have locked in your booking only then you will be able to save yourself from the nightly skyrocketing cost of the hotels.

  1. Nostalgia will hit you harder at this time 

During the holiday season, nostalgia will hit you harder than that of the normal days. The sentiments will hit you harder when the moving day reaches and during the festive season, it will hit you even harder. Whenever you will have this “it is the last time” in your mind, it will make you feel nostalgic regarding the beautiful memories you have to spend there. Don’t let the emotions overpower you and think practically.

  1. The winter weather 

Moving in the harsh conditions of the winter weather during the Christmas and the new year holiday season is very difficult. Snow and ice could be a big problem during the move therefore you should avoid moving at this time.

What is the worst time to move during the holiday season?

The worst time to move during the Christmas and New Year holidays is most likely the weekend that comes before Christmas day. Even when you have made a plan to move during the holidays it is recommended you not to move on the weekend especially when it is a do it yourself move.

At this time you might have to pay higher charges to movers because of their high demand, you will face heavy traffic as well.


Keep the fun, frolic, celebration, and relaxation alive during the holiday season. Still, if you have only this time to take such a big step then must move forward to planning your moving process with these moving tips. But make sure you book everything from hotels to flights to movers in advance. Because if you book at the last moment then the less availability of all the things will either make you to not get on time or you need to pay higher for it. Else choose any other time of the year for the move if it is possible for you.

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