May 5, 2020

Come to our rescue, Ubima community begs Wike, Ameachi over alleged marginalisation by oil firms

Wike, Rivers

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike

By Idowu Bankole

The Ubima Community in Rivers State has called on the Rivers state governor, Mr Nyesome Wike, and the Minister of Transportation, Mr Rotimi Ameachi to come to their rescue before a crisis breaks out over alleged marginalisation by oil firms operating in the community.

According to a group, Ubima Patristics, Advocating for Equity and Justice in Ubima Land, told newsmen on behalf of the community, alleged that the oil firms operating in the community have neglected the community by ignoring the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report to the community, which clearly stipulates what benefits, in terms of development and royal, should be due to the community.

The group further alleged that the oils firms have employed the Divide & rule tactics, by gaining and maintaining power, breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces in the community that individuals have less power.

A native of the community, who claims represent the Oil firms disclosed to vanguard online under anonymity, that Oil firms in the community have assured the community indigenes that the oil firms are working to fast track all agreements reached in a meeting held to discuss the relationship with the host communities and oil firms. He said, “all grievances raised by the  Ubima community are currently being addressed and we plead with the leadership to please exercise patience as we continue to build capacity and ensure the host communities are well represented”.

In a statement signed by the President of Ubima Patristics, Wisdom Chimankpa Igwe noted that “few people have been selected in Ubima to benefit, to help some oil firms operating carry out plans capable of impoverishing our loving community, hence oil and gas exploration is ongoing by some oil firms UBIMA is not benefiting anything.” He stated.

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According to Wisdom Chimankpa Igwe, EIA report is yet to be released on the community further asserting their claims of a suspected plot to denial the community of due benefits. “It was based on this, that these companies have vehemently refused to make available Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report to the community.”

Wisdom Chimankpa Igwe bemoans the state of Ubima community saying “It is not safe for anyone or anything living, non-living and aquatic life.”

Amaechi, catholic


According to  Wisdom Chimankpa Igwe, The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report will show the level of damages Ubima community will face in the nearest future, in respect to the oil and gas exploration, and how safe the community will be for both living and non-living.”

“ It is this that will determine the level of compensation to the Ubima community by these companies.”

“You and I know that acquisition of land is for assets and liabilities.”

“OML 17, has Four Oil and Gas Wells, which Omuegbelegbe Kindred has two (2) Wells out of the Four and Access Road measuring about 47.7 hectares of Land.”

“The oil firms operating in Ubima community refused to allegedly recognize the Kindred as WellHead Landlords. In that regards, have allegedly denied the Kindred all due entitlements and benefits, Even if the kindred’s two Oil and Gas wells are dried, it is for Assets and Liabilities.”

“The oil firms triggered More anger on the kindred capable of resulting to Communal crisis by allegedly paying not up to ten thousand naira per plot of land for twelve and half years hence they allegedly paid the total sum of two hundred thousand (200.000) naira per hectare of Land.”

“From the Mou between the oil firms, and Ubima Community, there are provisions for; Capital projects, Non-Capital Projects, Capacity Building Programmes, electricity, etc. But none of these stated above is done by the Companies, and Oil and Gas explorations are going on.”

“Also from the Mou, it is written that 2% of the LPG Revenue is for Ubima Community.

“The joint Venture produces 20.000 Barrels per day.”

“Hence 20,000 x 365 days = 7,300,000

Therefore, 7,300,000 divide by 100 =73,000

So, 73,000 X 2 = 146,000 barrels is what Ubima Community is entitled to per year.”

“Looking at the money value or equivalent of 146,000 barrels, Ubima’s yearly 2% (LPG) Revenue is 1,408, 670, 780 billion naira.

Considering the oil price at $26.29 dollars ( Bonny sweet crude). It varies, depending on the price of Oil( multiply that above amount by 4, you know what Ubima Community is entitled to for four years of successful Operations).”

“But Ubima Community did not receive kobo from the 2% Of the LPG Revenue till date.”

Wisdom Igwe lamented at the response of the oil firms, according to him, “We have written series of letters to the Companies, Dss, the Military, the police, the ministry of petroleum which we have acknowledgements that our letters are received, yet nothing have been done till date and is capable of causing Communal Crisis.”

“In these regards, I Wisdom Chimankpa Igwe has faced Interviews with the DSS and the Military, which we have proofs, yet nothing have been done.”

“So we call on the relevant authorities, Not excluding the River State Governor, the minister for Transportation, Bar Celestine Omehia to Call these Companies to Order to Save the community from experiencing a crisis.”

Hence our question is, Where is the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report in respect to oil and gas exploration in ubima community?.