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Surviving As A Dubai Expart

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The oil-rich UAE is home to millions of expatriate workers of all levels and nationalities, lured by tax-free salaries and year-round sunshine. The majority of foreigners live in the main business hubs of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the latter a major tourist destination famous for luxury beach resorts, soaring buildings and glossy shopping malls.

Expatriates have helped to build and populate the UAE, which in 1980 was home to barely one million people, compared to today’s 9.5 million.

For years, the country was known as a place where professionals could earn high salaries and generous packages that included housing, education, healthcare, cars and travel. This allowed prudent expatriates to save, while others embraced a high-end life-style. If you work at Dubai already, Good for you! However, if you would like to work at Dubai here are a few tips for surviving as an expart in Dubai


A great way to meet like-minded friends is to follow your interests and hobbies. Try joining a group where you get to learn a new skill. The beauty about joining a group activity is that you’ll have met someone who at least shares one of your interests, which gives you something to discuss. There is pretty much a group for everything in Dubai, and make sure you give the group you choose more than one chance. Nobody will be able to get to know you if you only show up once and don’t speak!


Those moving to Dubai have probably already heard how hot the city is. However, people can’t understand just HOW hot it really is until they move to this Emirate. With summer temperatures often hitting the high 40s (in degrees Celsius), one is certain to feel as if they live inside of an oven. However, this can be entirely bearable, there is air conditioning in every facility in the city. Even bus stops have their own air conditioning. So the walk from the office to the car may be torturous, but AC is never too far away. Pack up some sunglasses and prepare for the sun!


Expats moving to Dubai will probably never actually feel the need to be fluent in Arabic. Everyone in the city speaks English and there will very rarely be an actual need to know how to speak the Arabic language. However, everyone who lives in Dubai knows some Arabic. There are a few words that expats will hear on the daily basis that are must-knows. So when a friend says “yalla“, they are asking everyone to hurry up; or when someone says “Inshallah“, they are hoping for the best outcome out of a situation.


This is very important for new people moving to Dubai. For anyone who wishes to stay in Dubai and be safe from any trouble, it is crucial to always abide by the country’s and city’s rules. These may sometimes seems strange, such as public displays of affection being outlawed, but breaking even the simplest of laws can often lead to being arrested and even deported. So one should always try to stay on the right side of the law by avoiding things such as public intoxication, buying fake goods, taking pictures of strangers and other illegal acts.


Dubai residents are always “so busy”. Life in this city is non-stop and expats will often hear the word “hustle” thrown around when talking to their friends. Everyone will always have a long list of all the things they need to get done for work, all the errands they run and how stressed out they are. No one can really escape the Dubai hustle, so it’s crucial to be prepared to have a busy and often hectic routine, the city’s residents live a fast-pace life.

There you go! Your journey to becoming a Dubai expart has just begun with these few pointers. Ready to get a job in Dubai? Visit to get started!

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