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Overweight may not be your problem, but, then, that’s not the only reason for exercising.

On account, life can rather be hectic, we all need to have a little bit more energy than we already possess. Practising relaxation techniques help us relieve stress brought on by everyday living. That way, we get quick results from exercise characterised by great energy and wonderful well-being.

Of course, it won’t do to do all the right exercises and ignore to eat properly. Quality aside, we must be modest in the quantity of food we eat. Eating great quantities of food means almost all of our energies go to digesting the food leaving us feeling lethargic. One of the good things about exercise is the fact that we tend to eat less. The less active we become, the more food we tend to put away. Now, this is why: With exercise or increased physical load, you call forth reserves of sugars from your liver and muscles for a dip in blood sugar levels. When you don’t exercise, you tend only to experience a high in blood sugar with meals. And, as soon as the energy from the food is stored by the help of the hormone insulin produced by the pancreases, yawning and malaise takes over – there’s a false alarm of hunger. In such a case, all you need do is whip up a bit of sweat,’ a bit of a work out and presto, your fallen blood sugar levels stabilise, doing away with your false hunger and all.

The Spread Eagle Pose

It’s now an established fact that flexibility exercise which can be practised daily are best suited for relieving physical stress.

Let’s consider flexibility postures and a relaxation technique.

•The Twist Pose


Technique: Sit down and spread out the legs as wide apart as possible. Bend down the trunk and with the left hand hold the left foot from the inside with the left elbow touching the floor. Bring the right hand over the side of the head and hold the left foot from the outside. Keep your breathing normal. Retain the position for 10-15 seconds and repeat on the other side.


The Spread Eagle stretches both hamstrings and inner thigh muscles. The flanks get a good workout leading to fat reduction about the waistline.


Technique: Sit with both legs extended in front of you. Bend the right knee placing the foot flat down with heel touching the left buttock. Then, bend the left knee, placing the left foot on the outside of the right knee. Bring the right hand across the right thigh and clutch the right knee. Turn the head and trunk leftwards raising up the left hand with the elbow locked. Breathe deeply, retain the pose for 10 seconds and changing hands and legs, repeat on the other side.

Benefits: The Twist massages the abdominal organs improving digestion and elimination. It expands and strengthens the chest. It also increases flexibility in the hip and knee joints.


Lie flat on your back. Keep the hands a bit away from the body. Let the feet ‘fall’ side ways. Relax every strand of muscle in the body. Fix the attention on the breathing or some soothing music.

Lie completely still for 10-20 minutes before getting up. Practised properly, it gives a most calming effect-my favourite de-stresser technique.

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