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Corona urges schools to complement missing values in students

*As Crane House emerges first at 23rd Inter-house-sports

By Dayo Adesulu

CORONA Secondary School, AgbaraOgun State has urged schools to seize the opportunity of spending greater hours with students to complement the missing values of their lives.

Its Vice Principal, Mr. Paul Obah, who spoke with journalists during Corona’s 23rd annual inter house sports competition held on the school’s campus said: “It is the business of the school to educate the society. The impact a school has on a child is much because the student stays in the boarding school for three months, goes for few weeks holiday and comes back for another three months learning. Invariably, the student spends nine months of the three terms in the school. The student only spends three months in a year with the parents.”

According to him, the teacher is expected to continue with the child from where the parents stopped at home. “What the school should do is to build on what the home has done,” he said.

Painting a scenario of how a day student wakes up in the morning, dresses and goes  to school at 8.00 am to return home at 4.00pm and proceeds for lesson from 4.00 to 6.00pm without time for sporting activities, he maintained that it’s the business of the school to ensure that what the curriculum provided is not just reading and writing, but sport should be inclusive.

He insisted: “Education should not be English, Mathematicss, Physics Chemistry and Biology alone, education also has to do with values, talents and sports. The home can not do it all. Most times, it’s what the school is able to do in the life of the child that sustains him. You can not blame the parents who want the child to make A1 parallel, it’s the school that should bring the balance.

“The student can finish with A1 or first class and is unable to fit into anywhere in the society. With his first class degree, yet, he doesn’t have good relationship with others, lacks empathy and has no good contribution to the society. A child may have a first class degree and may not be able to relate with people, because the child has no knowledge of what is happening around him.”

Obah who noted that sport was key to learning, disclosed that with the match pass by participants, teachers present were able to have a little understanding of what the Chinese culture was all about, what the Yoruba, Edo and Hausa do in marriage. He said: “Our mid term started today and parents are not rushing to leave because increasingly we are getting to the level where we are able to achieve this healthy competition among students.

It is fun and also a sport day. I tell people that wining is not everything, we have fun and wining is a bonus.

Meanwhile, at the inter house sports where nine students from other schools in Lagos and Ogun competed, Crane House came first with 43 gold medals, 20 silver and 21 bronze. This was just as King Fisher House which emerged second had 32 gold, 21 silver and 25 bronze medals.

The third position went for Heron House with 24 gold, 33 silver and 30 bronze medals.


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