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Why the delay?

By Funmi Komolafe

Today, we are discussing issues relating to the cause of the delay. . Let me reiterate that while this column is not about medical science, it is not in any way dismissive of medical science. A combination of both is necessary for the breakthrough to be received.

Medical science suggests  a number of   reasons for infertility  these include, low sperm count, blocked fallopian tubes, hormonal disorder, secondary infertility; as a result of previous abortions etc.

However, some women married as virgins yet they have delays in bearing children.  Doctors have reasons for this which may include any  of the above stated.  To the  lay man however, this is not understandable especially where the couple have had several tests, and there is no low sperm count, no hormonal disorder etc.

For those who are quick to  believe that  previous abortions are the sole reason for the delay, the question is why and how do commercial sex workers who have had several abortions still have children?

Irrespective of what we are told, it is important to consider  the Spiritual.

One has come across several  couple who have spent so much on IVF and it has always failed.  Some even went abroad yet it failed.

The truth is believe it or not irrespective of what one is told medically, it will always fail because no attention has been paid to the Spiritual.

How to consider the Spiritual – The first thing to do is to pay attention to your dreams. Dreams are crucial in addressing the Spiritual .

Experienced men of God whose focus is in this area say  a woman who sees red objects in her dreams anytime she takes in, could lose that pregnancy or have a miscarriage.

The good news is that Exodus 23 vs 26 provides the answer. If you are walking in faith, then you must keep fear away.

I like to share with readers two testimonies. A couple came from the United States of America  to Laughter Foundation after series of failed IVF.    Actually,  by the time they were invited to Nigeria, they  were on the waiting list for a donor egg.

Somehow, they had the opportunity of meeting the General Overseer  in person, they were prayed for and told that for all they had gone through, the Lord will soon make them laugh.

Shortly after, the woman  became pregnant naturally.    By the time, they were called from the US that the donor egg was ready, they simply told  the doctor,  “ Thanks, we don’t need it anymore”.  She gave  birth to a set of twins.

Now, let me say that  getting your partner to focus on the Spiritual isn’t always that easy.

For women, it is easier for men, it’s a bit difficult.

The way to go about it is not to pick  up a quarrel with your husband.  Not at all.

The duty of the woman is to continue to pray for the husband’s change of heart rather than  make forceful  attempts to get him fellowship with you There is also the case of another lady who lives abroad, for her anytime she takes in,  some people appear to her in her dream, placing their hands on her tummy and then she loses the pregnancy.

These is a clear case of an attack. Pick no quarrel with anyone.

Recently, a woman in the United States of America gave birth to  baby within hours of her arrival in the hospital.

No scan had seen that baby.  She didn’t even realize she was pregnant, she only complained of a back ache and low and behold when she got to the hospital, the doctors saw a baby coming and she gave birth to a baby girl.

About three of these cases  were  reported on the internet with photographs in 2014.

It is  clear that for these women, their menstrual period never ceased. They never confirmed pregnancy yet they had children.

Here in Nigeria,  I once met a woman with a protruding belly of  about six months pregnancy.  She had just met a doctor who carried out a scan on her, and the doctors report was that he could not see any baby.

The woman said, the doctor was incompetent but that was the  beginning of her challenge.  She went from one doctor to the other and the result was the same. Clearly, her problem was Spiritual.

With the mercy of God, she gave birth to the baby after a long period well beyond nine months.

Don’t allow anyone to write you off.

The one who did not create you, cannot write you off. As we pay attention to the Spiritual, we must also pay attention to the Physical.  Are you eating the right food?

Check it  out yourself. Its on the internet.  Identity  fruits that boost fertility  eg. Cucumber , Brocholi etc.

Also identify those that may  limit your chances.

Remaining focused cannot  be over emphasized. Walk in faith.  Don’t be too busy to shun prayers and fasting  when necessary. The time of waiting is the time for couples to stick together not drift apart. The truth is God is still  in the business of miracles.

According to a popular man of God in RCCG, “ Your mockers will soon bow to your maker”.


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