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SNC won’t solve Nigeria’s problem, says Bishop Akinola

By Sam Eyoboka
PRESIDING bishop of Rhema Christian Church & Towers, Sango Ota in Ogun State, Dr. Taiwo Akinola is opposed to current calls for sovereign national conference to solve the nation’s multi-faceted crisis, arguing that those calling for SNC are insincere ethnic champions.

Addressing newsmen in his church office preparatory to the church’s All Believers’ Fire Conference scheduled for June 22, the bishop further argued that the strength of the Nigerian nation is derived from its size and diversity, noting that established structures in the country should be allowed to sort things out.

The theme of the conference which begins at 10.00 a.m., he said, is “Fire for End-Time impact” with Bishop Victor Olayemi Akilla as guest speaker.

“We have elected officials representing various constituencies in the country. I think they could discuss instead of electing another group of people who will come to the table with their private agenda. So I do not support sovereign national conference,” he stated.

“Since members of the National Assembly come from various constituencies, what will be the yardstick for picking who will be members of the so called sovereign nation-al conference?” he stat-ed.

According to the bish-op, “we take the issue of empowerment very seriously. We train youths, women, and men. Above all, we believe that performance in life is all about the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s why we called this conference.

“I’ve always told people that legendary men and women are mere products of divine assignment, opportunity and chance. Unless God is involved, labours come in vain. It’s meant for everybody across the board,” he added.

On corruption, Bishop Akinola said Nigeria would not make any progress if resources are being put in private pockets.

“I think corruption is a fallout of our moral decadence and degrading values as a society. From the home, the society, traditional leaders, church leaders; all of us should re-orientate our values. We should have norms that not only place emphasis on hardwork but also on honest gains,” he said, noting that “we must stop paying lip service.

“Because EFCC probably is like a dog that barks but doesn’t bite. I think the nation should be more serious. Some people are preparing for 2015 now and you will be wondering if they are going to kill themselves.

“They no longer talk of millions; they now talk of billions, as if they want to wage a war against Nigeria and it’s all in preparation for some of these political gains. Let us stand strong, not just paying lip service. And it will require everybody standing up from the homes, to traditional setting, to schools, to churches,” he maintained.

He called on Nigerians to join hands to build Nigeria, “let’s be serious and sincere. I’ve always known that the job of nation building is not a child’s play.”

On the state of insecurity in the nation, Bishop Akinola expressed joy over the state of emergency declared by the president to arrest the mindless insurgence “we’ve been having in Nigeria.

“I saw some video clips where the Nigerian flag was removed in some local government areas. That was very absurd, they went too far. I’m happy, though it was almost too late but the government stood up and I think they are beginning to arrest that,” he stated.

“We want to know those who are for us and those who are against us. So by and large, how far have we gone, we are trying but we can do better. Let our government know that they are not here for themselves, they are there to represent God in building a peaceful society so they can always do that better. Not only at federal level but also at state level and local government levels. So wherever we find ourselves, we should do it better,” Bishop Akinola added.


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