By Charles Mgbolu

It’s still early in the year; just the second month that announces love and Valentine; no one saw this coming but Wizkid is causing a panic; scaring fans; as rumours continue to swirl even louder that he is walking out on E.M.E; the label that literally gave him life.

Because of the deafening silence within the E.M.E label no one can confidently put a finger to the cause of the fracas; all anyone has are the tweets from Wizkid himself.

On his twitter handle, Wizkid has removed his management name EME/Konvict to Disturbing LDN (Tinie Tempah) and Godwin Tom his new manager after sacking Osaghie Osarenkhoe.

Reports also reveal that Wizkid has moved out of the E.M.E’s ‘mansion’ in Lagos and acquired his own home in Lekki Phase 1, this was shortly after he bought his BMW X6 auto-mobile late last year.

Fans particularly were shocked because they had been pacified by BankyW in an interview only some days ago where he (Banky) assured everyone that nothing was amiss; he said all was well in E.M.E.

Whiz Kid

Trouble within the pack, evidently had been going on for some time now. It is reported that the E.M.E all stars concert which held in December last year pulled through only with the stroke of luck as Wizkid hardly made it to the crews’ pre-show rehearsals.

His tweets show a disgruntled perhaps frustrated young man and no one knows for sure why.

Speculations spew left and right that it has to do with his contract. It alleges Wizkid is unhappy with the huge amount taken off his income by E.M.E as conditions of his contract. Wizkid is the most selling artist in the E.M.E label. The young star is suspected to be feeling ‘used’ as a money machine to finance the E.M.E label and the individual careers of other E.M.E acts Skales, Niyola and Shaydee.

These speculations further state that E.M.E plans to turn a more stronger attention to it’s other artists this year with Skales releasing new videos after the success of his hit single ‘Komole’.

Niyola has also come strongly in the picture with her video “Don’t delay me” steadily gaining momentum in the music-sphere.

It is alleged Wizkid is afraid his new album which is in the making could be delayed as a result of this and so has taken his destiny in his own hands.

In February last year, D’banj and Don Jazzi called it quits to their Mo’hits empire after months of muted disagreements. We fear this might be the case here.

Whatever the reason is for this fall out within E.M.E no one is saying anything yet, but time as always, will tell.

What is clearly certain is that this means trouble for E.M.E and for the many careers involved.

Charles Mgbolu is an on-line entertainment reporter for Vanguard. @nutprince
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