By Sheila Sand
Sister Sade’s sonorous voice rang through the large church auditorium. It was as is the heavens wanted to come down. The entire congregation seemed to be held spell-bound by her voice. She seemed to be caressing the wordings of the song, her posture and gesticulations adding colour and panache to the special number she was rendering. Heavens came down

And glory fills my soul…

Her gesticulations were what held me spell-bound and that also started my problems. As I sat at a quiet corner of the church with my fiancee, Rita and watched Sade, I wondered how it would feel to undress her and caress her entire body. I realised that others closed their yes, including my fiancee Rita. I couldn’t. But whether I closed my eyes or opened them, Sade was the only person I could see. Her voice was sonorous and sexy. The way she stretched her neck portrayed her sexuality and sensuality. Sade, the lead vocalist of the Word and the Sword choir was sexy, sensual, scintillating, sassy and stimulating. I was captured.

I was enslaved. The way she stretched out her long slim and well-manicured fingers and nails seemed to be saying, look at me, I am sexy and single. When she stretched out her finger, it was as if she was telling the guys in the church, see my fingers, there is no ring there yet, I am beautiful and very single. Sometimes, when the tempo of the song rose, Sister Sade would hold her flat, slim, stomach as if she was saying, look at me, I am slim and my stomach is very flat.

Usually, whenever Sister Sade held her stomach, her wide hips would be accentuated as if she was saying, see my hips, they are wide enough to push out many kids. I swore under my breathe and tried to close my eyes. Then, I opened one eye to see if anybody observed what was going on in my mind. I realised other eyes were still closed and I was relieved.

“Is everything okay?” Rita, my fiancee asked. Obviously, she noticed my restlessness from the way I shifted as I observed Sister Sade.

“I want to ease my myself,” I told her, feeling embarrassed.

“Okay,” she answered and created a space for me to pass. I walked out of the auditorium and headed towards the toilet, baffled and ashamed of myself and the fact that I had a big hard-on from observing Sister Sade’s ministration on the altar. I used one of my hands to cover my big member and immediately I entered the gents and unzipped, my juice came flooding out in huge measures and I groaned in deep satisfaction.

What was wrong with me? Why should I be thinking of Sister Sade when right beside me was my sweetheart and fiancee Rita. Was I demonised? Why would I have a strong urge to have sex with Sister Sade when she was right there on the altar, ministering to the entire congregation. The thought of Sister Sade was bringing another hard-on and I felt strange and weak. I stayed in the gents a bit long and my fiancee Rita came looking for me.

“Are you okay George?”, she called from outside.

“Yes, sweetheart,” I called back. “I will soon join you.”

I looked terrible when I came out and realised my fiancee Rita was still waiting.

“What seems to be the problem?, she asked.

“I did the heavy stuff. My stomach was not okay,” I lied to her, still feeling embarrassed. How on earth would I prefer Sister Sade over Rita my fiancee. I felt sick and needed to stay outside a bit longer. The hard-on got stronger as I thought about Sister Sade’s long hair, fair skin, slim body, long fingers and well-manicured nails. Her height was something else. She stood at 6ft 2 inches as against Rita’s 5.6ft.

“I will join you later, go back into the church,” I told my fiancee and she stood where she was, worried sick about my sudden ailment.

I rushed back to the gents as the fluids came flooding again, and this time with force, soiling my pants. I must be the devil’s incarnate. This would not happen to any normal person. I stayed long again, pretending to be excreting. Outside, Rita waited dutifully as I cleaned up myself inside the gents.

We ran into sister Sade as we made our way back into the auditorium. I had a closer view of the beautiful dame and wondered why there was no ring on her finger yet. I practically ogled at her, smiling sheepishly as I congratulated her on her beautiful renditions. Sade smiled shyly as she hurried to the ladies. I tried to steal another look at her after she passed and our eyes met and locked. Perhaps, she noticed what happened to me while she ministered and I wondered if my fiancee, Rita noticed what happened. How could I be desiring to cheat on Rita with Sister Sade. Both women were poles apart. Rita was the love of my life, a humble, quiet-spoken and wise woman. She was a home-maker. Sister Sade was a home-wrecker and if I was not careful, she would wreck my courtship.

When we got back into the church auditorium, we realised that Apostle Elijah, fondly called the fire apostle by the congregation had mounted the pulpit. He was already preaching the word when Rita and I sat back on our seats. He was reading from the book of Isaiah, Chapter 1 Vs 5-8: Why should ye be stricken any more? Ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even unto the head, there is no soundness in it, but wounds, and bruises, and petrifying sores..

Apostle Elijah preached, threatened and condemned. He rent the air with curses for the unrepented.The auditorium was quiet. Even a drop of a needle would make a sound and the congregation sat glued on their seats.Somehow, something said by the Apostle touched on occultism and that seemed to draw the ire of Elder David who sat in the front pew of the church. After a long period of silence, Elder David stood up and raised his hand.

“Don’t go there,” he challenged Apostle Elijah. “But go on with other things.”

The congregation was startled for the first time as Elder David threatened and warned. Apostle Elijah spoke as if Elder David was not there until something else happened again. Elder David brought out a native horn from his flowing agbada and began to render curses. Surprised, Apostle Elijah watched him for a while and then, removed his suit and brought a native charm and began to respond to the curses of Elder David.

At that point, the congregation could no longer stand it. One after another, they left and the church was left with a few worshipers who wanted to see the end of the drama. I was in the safety of my car with Rita, my fiancee when she asked if I urinated on my pants. It was then I realised there was a stickiness in my pants and I remembered Sister Sade’s sonorous voice, long hair, well-manicured nails again but this time, I didn’t feel a hard-on .Is it something about the church, Apostle Elijah or Elder David? Deep inside me, I had this feeling that Rita and I were in the wrong place.


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