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15 Minutes Fiction


“Hectic as usual, but I bless God, so, why have you been packing your things, don’t tell me we’re going to repeat our argument concerning living on campus because you know I’ll never allow that”.

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First Night in Dublin

“Good afternoon sir”, I greeted the tall lanky man as he made his way to his office.“Good afternoon nne, but that sir is too much, just call me Victor, what about you?” “Sir, I’m Cecilia”. “Such a sweet name, oh! Ceecee, please come over and sit down.. em…Joy, go get her a bottle of soft drink or Ceecee m, would you prefer beer?” “Oh no sir, soft drink is okay”. “Joy you heard her, hurry up with that”, Victor said with so much excitement.

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Traffic Jam (iv)

Mrs Achebe read the story of Patty Mcwizu with a broad smile on her face. That was all she needed. The next line of action would be to wait. Her daughter Edna had become an imbecile for a reason she didn’t know. Occasionally, the girl would recover herself but would lose it again.

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Traffic Jam (111)

Jewel Edwards, the Editor of Centre-Spread magazine was engrossed in the production of of her weekend edition when Michael Ebuwa, the Crime Editor entered the newsroom. Michael Ebuwa was loquacious and always demanded attention when he spoke. Sometimes, he could be too loud and distracting and Jewel Edwards didn’t want any distractions on production days.

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Traffic Jam (11)

Patty Mcwizu knew it would be an uphill task to take care of her eight babies but she was not worried. She had a covenant with God and that would see her through. She also knew that she had two more babies on the way to completely fulfill her covenant with God. Already, she was having baby kicks but her stomach remained flat. Buying baby foods was not easy.

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Traffic Jam (1)

Patty Mcwizu stood before her long mirror and stared at her reflection . She touched her face and winced at the pain. The blood patches on her face had not cleared despite everything she did. She smiled bitterly . It had been twelve years and she was still being battered. Such a long time for her to remain childless.

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Black and White

After a delicious meal of pounded yam and egusi soup, Chief Okeke belched heavily, leaning back on the couch. He felt a sudden movement in his stomach and sat up , projecting his buttocks outwards and farting loudly. It was a smelly one and Adanma, his 13-year-old house-help hailed him. It was a standing rule in the house to hail chief whenever he polluted.

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The word and sword

Sister Sade’s sonorous voice rang through the large church auditorium. It was as is the heavens wanted to come down. The entire congregation seemed to be held spell-bound by her voice. She seemed to be caressing the wordings of the song, her posture and gesticulations adding colour and panache to the special number she was rendering. Heavens came down

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Kingmakers of my country

Joshua sat at the edge of his six-spring bed, listening attentively as the Electoral Commissioner announced the results of the just-concludedgubernatorial elections. He had not had a good sleep for days but he needed to hear these results because it would shape the future of his career. He was forced to choose between progressives and conservatives and he chose the former.

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