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He that comes to equity must do so with clear hands

By Sunny Uuyigue

Mr. Dickson Imasogie’s article published on page 44 of the Saturday’s December 12, 2009 edition of the Vanguard remind the reading public of the journey of a straying dog which characteristically bluffs the master’s whistle.

In his article titled “the problem between Anenih and Ogbemudia” which he used to cast aspersions and haul insults on a respected elder statesman, Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia and my humble self, Imasogie, a puppet, hustler, and self-imposed Chief Tony Anenih spine doctor noted he was advised by all those he consulted not to embark on the suicide mission, yet he took the plunge.

Only a man like him can put down in black and white: “As I write on behalf of Edo South Senatorial Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), many of our well wishers have been advising me against… joining issues with him in the media. I would want to apologise to them for not heeding their advice…” The reason he would ignore the counsel of even his co-travelers in a sinking ship is that Imasogie, a drowning politician will not hesitate to hold unto any available straw, no matter how weak to survive.

More ridiculously, his obeisance to Chief Anenih on the pages of newspaper and behind him, he acts contrary fits him as the proverbial worm in the kola nut. A popular African adage has it that: “the destroyer of the kola nut is found in the kola nut.” Imasogie is one of those not helping Anenih despite his pretences to the contrary. A man’s critic is his best friend, but a Imasogie is one who can not look at Anenih to his face and tell him some home truths. He would rather go behind him and tear him to shreds and feign loyalty when together. Nigeria democracy certainly can not make any progress with such elements.

My disagreement with Chief Anenih is based purely on grounds of principles and overall interest of the party. I am sure if the Uromi chief looks back at some of our points of disagreement, he would in his quiet moments recall that such points of disagreements were not for pecuniary motives. It will not be long for Chief Anenih to spot Imasogie as the worm in his kola nut.

As a founding member of the PDP in Edo State and one who Imasogie is scheming to succeed, I do not know of any PDP member who has championed the course of the people of Edo South at party level better than our respected leader, Dr. Ogbemudia and my humble self. A few Edo South political prostitutes in the likes of Imasogie, who have sold their souls to the demystified god father in Uromi have remained the Senatorial zone’s albatross.

From his article, Imasogie claimed I single handedly appointed all the Supervisory Councilors from my local government, Ovia North East. That is not correct because it is the statutory duty of the Council Chairman to appoint his Supervisory Councilors. The chairman is also at liberty to drop them whenever he deems fit. Imasogie can not pretend not to know the godfather malaise plaguing our party in Edo States. To move forward, our party has to grow beyond impositions by one man. Branding Dr. Ogbemudia and my self as Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s campaign manager, to say the least unfortunate. It is one that will not help the PDP.

Also, his accusing Ogbemudia and Uyigue of sponsoring their children for political positions is a typical case of an unpatriotic Nigerian, who believes that change in the society must start with the next man and not himself. Can Imosagie attempt the following posers: Whose son got the very first compensatory contract of painting the Edo State Water Board? Whose children were planted by the ‘Generalisimo’ for all Sout-South Governors,  children who were busy receiving and sub-letting government contracts from 1999-2007? Who did Julius ‘Beja’ build house for in Edo State?

The records abound that the god of Edo PDP have great disdain for some people. In the UNIBEN Governing council saga, three slots were given to Edo State . Who gave two out of the three to one tribe? Who is the Chairman of the federated commission in the Ministry of Interior, comprising prisons, customs and Immigration, and from which tribe? Details shall be made public after  Imasogie next comments.

Imasogie in his treatise claimed he wanted to tell the public the truth. But he deceived the public with tissues of lies. The truth remains that while patriotic PDP leaders like Ogbemudia and myself busied ourselves with efforts to resolve the crisis in the party, he formed an alliance with Mr  Adams Oshiomhole, a wiser politician fattened with democratic ethos and pathos. Oshiomhole believes in the basic principles of democracy-“let the people lead”, but Imosagie and his folks, the other party in the Edo PDP-AC alliance is a dictator,  who breathes down his subjects. His plan was to grab Oshiomhole as a puppet he can control. But as events unfolded,  they hit the rock.

Having failed in his bid to godfather Oshiomhole, and having lost out to the AC in the Akoko-Edo re-run election, he asked all PDP commissioners he single handedly placed in Oshiomhole’s cabinet to resign. Instead of repenting from their  ways and towing popular participation in politics, Imasogie is busy crying wolves when there is none.  Unless Imasogie and his ilks adopt the principles of popular participation, free and fair electoral process, they will continue to suffer humiliation in Edo State and the nation at large.

This is just the beginning. Soon, I will tell the public who fought Ogbemudia for his coming as a Civilian Governor in 1983, who fought Chief John Oyegun while the SDP Governor, Chief Lucky Igbinedion, and who scuttled Prof. Oserheimen Osunbor governorship in the state.

We would equally give account of who was responsible for four persons from the same tribe who represented Edo as Ministers from Edo from 1999-2007, which tribe is representing Edo State in National Population Commission, INEC, NUC, National Maritime, as well as the scheming in Uniben Vice Chancellorship and the hijacking of Edo State’s share of various Federal boards and parastatals.

We will also publish the true identity of the man who was dismissed as a pupil teacher, dismissed as a recruit policeman and dismissed as an under-rank soldier. I will unmask the same man whose enogie took to a court of competent jurisdiction and disowned him as a native of the community he claims to hail from.

Since Imasogie has resorted to media warfare, we would publish these details in my subsequent responses.


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