The Oracle of the Nigerians IT Industry Chris Uwaje will today speak at the 18th edition of      Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria,( COREN)  Engineering  Assembly holding in the Federal Capital Territory,   Abuja on the official invitation of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria.

The well researched paper whose topic is “Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a Tool for Effective Engineering Education and Training in the 21st Century” will attempt to present a simple picture of the problem and related issues of _ Information and Communications Technology (ICT) – with particular reference to Technophobia,  Engineering Education and Training in the 21st Century”.

The paper is expected ally, it will recommend – from lessons learnt – the required steps to be taken and the way forward for COREN and policy makers.

The Abstract of the paper rightly argues that historically, Information and Communication Technologies – and indeed the concept of Engineering _ have played a predominant role in the development of human societies.

The exchange of information and data through different means of communication among nations – Institutionalized education and training, newspapers, radio, television, etc., _ have influenced human development by drawing economic geographies, shaping national identities and rebalancing the distribution of power within societies and among nations.

Nowhere is this influence more evident than in the current information revolution (IR) which has led to new bodies of knowledge such as Megatronics Engineering, Bio_Informatics, Nano_technology and so on.

In assessing the development and diffusion of Science and Technology globally, three groups of countries may be distinguished: First are those countries that are leaders in this field, including the innovation, creation, production and generation of Engineering, Science and Technology roadmap as well as the constructive application and use of its research findings.

This is followed by those countries where some capacity for the production and application of Science and Technology has been developed but continued to depend on the first group for the survival of their production lines.

Finally, the last group is those countries where Science and Technology and in particular concept and importance of Engineering is still at the embryonic stage and access to its tools and benefits depends solely or more or less on importation. This group often neglects and lacks the enabling environment, tools, Research and Development in Engineering, Science and Technology.  Nigeria belongs to this group – sadly!

Over the years, Uwaje who in year 2001 wrote a comprehensive position paper on “Time to Listen to Philip Emeagwali and one million Nigerians in Diaspora” and one of the eggheads that led to the formation of the Nigerian Diaspora day has delivered thought provoking Conference papers at numerous world IT Forum, in Washington DC and Atlanta/USA, Europe, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigerian Universities, Government, Nigeria Academy of Sciences, Chambers of Commerce  that indeed  forecast the future of IT development and earlier warned the nation on the consequences and impact of neglect of IT for nation building and global competitiveness. Today, Uwaje remains the prolific IT schalar of our time and most of his forecast has become a model for IT knowledge delivery both at home and abroad.

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