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The future of African insurance industry is promising – AIO President

AIO works on various initiatives to, among others, strengthen a number of insurance pools to grow African insurance and reinsurance capacity across the continent. It has also worked to develop micro insurance.

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Nigeria’s pension assets should have surpassed N37trn – Chidi Duru

It is impossible and I say it with every sense of responsibility, it is impossible for an individual be it Nze Chidi Duru or any other party not to have an investment in any PFA and yet the shares of a PFA are credited in his name. In the PRA that we innovated or for which I chaired in the House of Representative and which I also was a joint chair in the Hamonisation Committee of the House and the Senate, there were extant regulations that the National Pension Commission innovated, in sense that for every investment of a shareholder in the industry whether it is a PFA or a PFC, that investment is subject to verification by the National Pension Commission and all those investment including the investment that was done by the shareholders of FGP was verified by the National Pension Commission.

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Strategic issues leaders of Nigerian organisations should focus on – Carpenter

Clive Carpenter is Vice Chairman, Business Council for Africa, UK. An international banker and company director with track record in management at board level, Carpenter and Prof. Emeritus Andrew Chambers, a former Dean of Cass Business School, are due to deliver These Minds Executives (TEXEM) lecture entitled, ‘Strategic Leadership for Results-driven Change Management In a Recession’, at the British Deputy High Commissioner’s residence on May 24 and 25. In this interview, he speaks on the essence of the lecture.

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Banks never shied away from supporting govt’s economic plans – MD, FirstBank

When I resumed duty on the 1st of January 2016, during my first set of interviews with journalists, I mentioned that we will be embarking on ambitious transformation projects. We need to understand that this is a 124 year old institution and the age of the institution is an asset, but if not properly managed, could be a liability. Our focus is on mining this Iconic brand positively to work for us, while making necessary changes that enhance the profitability and the agility of the institution.

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FG, regulators need proactive measures to attract diversified investors –

If the Federal Government remains committed to the financing of infrastructure deficit; this can done through the capital market. One of the major challenges businesses are facing is poor infrastructure which consume a large chunk of their revenues. The Federal Government should ensure that the capital expenditure of the 2017 budget is dedicated to improving infrastructure to enhance the ease of doing business in the country and for businesses to become productive and move towards economic recovery.

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Insurance regulator should be consistent in sanctioning local content defaulters – Omosehin

The local content law was not made today. The problem with our sector has not been lack of regulation; it is lack of enforcement of those regulations. Issuing a new directive is reiterating and putting on the front burner those regulations that already exist. Hence, the regulator has just stepped up on the things that they should be doing. Some measure of enforcement coupled with sanctions when there are breaches will help bring back operators onto the line.

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