How Kwarans’re celebrating political freedom — Edojah, PDP caretaker committee chairman

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In what way has the visit of the President affected the party in the state?
I came to Ilorin on the order of President Goodluck Jonathan to thank the people of Kwara State for the warm reception they gave him. It was like a directive .So we gathered at the secretariat and I delivered the message to them.

The crowd was tumultuous. There were groups  from all the 16 local governments and not less than 30 persons per group. There was no radio announcement just text messages to the leaders. It was a clear indication that people want change in Kwara and the time is now.

So after the rally, what next?
We are building on the success of that rally. The rally has succeeded in turning Kwara to a PDP State, it was a genuine rally and enthusiasm for PDP is now very high. On a daily basis, people now troop to PDP in Kwara because they yearn for freedom.

Are you saying there are no challenges?
Sure, we have and that was part of what we came to resolve. All the stakeholders were around. Elders of the party, leaders from the three senatorial districts and local governments were all around. We have thrashed out all the knotty issues and we have resolved to work together on how to improve PDP in such a way that it will serve as role model to other states.

We resolved to put the party on proper footing. We don’t want the party to be run like they were doing it when they were in bondage. They desire freedom and you know freedom goes with responsibility.

They needed to make more sacrifice, the fruit is not yet ripe. This is more or less a gestation period, and in a gestation period like this you continue to water it, you continue to nurture it until the fruit is ripe for plucking which is when the election has come and gone.

What new approaches are you introducing into the leadership of the party here?
Henceforth, everything will be done based on commitment, loyalty and transparency. There is no room for imposition in our party, that era is gone forever. It is now one man, one vote. No man will impose or hijack the party anymore.

What is the latest on the controversy over who to nominate for the ministerial slot of Kwara?
There was no controversy like you said. It was just a rumour being peddled by the opposition. I can tell you that names have already been forwarded to Mr. President to choose from and it would be announced any moment from now.

When is the registration of members commencing?
It will commence this weekend and it’s going to be a continuous exercise. Registration of our members is very necessary because of the new people who have joined us. I’m talking of Muhammed Dele Belgore and his group, Senator Gbemisola Saraki and many others. Don’t also forget that some people have left the party. So the registration will enable us to update our data.

What is your target?
Our target is to register One million members in Kwara. With the way and manner people troop into PDP in Kwara State on daily basis, it’s achievable so when we reach that figure we will stop. Let me also state that any APC member who wants to register with our party is welcome

And after the congress?
I will hand over to the state chairman and my assignment is completed.


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