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Olusemire Kayode

Our job is to implement govt. policies – Compt. Olumisire

The Unit Controller, Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Operations Unit Zone ‘C’ Owerri, Comptroller Kayode Olumisire comes across as brief and straight to the point as possible.
He says the NCS derives greater joy in trade facilitation and making Nigerians embrace legitimate trade through regular sensitization campaign than chasing smugglers around; but insist “we will not think twice seizing imports that runs contrary to the prohibition order”.
In this interview with EGUONO ODJEGBA, he tells the story of how he bridges the seemingly opposite tasks. He says it is not the place of the NCS to ascribe economic or political reasons to the influx of smuggled armoured vehicles.

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Smugglers record black yuletide

The Nigeria Customs Service, CG Strike Force, last week, apparently spoilt the Christmas and New Year celebration for smugglers, following a comprehensive raid of Oniko, a village in Moro Local Government Area of Kwara State, believed to be a major hideout for smuggled items, confiscating a total of 8,413 bags of 50kg smuggled rice.

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