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Reign of short dresses

With long evening dresses beckoning from all corners and drawing attention, short dresses are still stamping their presence on the fashion scene this season. Simple, short dresses are very accessible for women of all social classes, a sort of uniform for women of trend especially if they come in black colour.

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Online shop launched in Nigeria

How would you like to sit in the comfort of your home and shop in major stores in the UK? Say for example, you sit in your home in Lagos, and shop at Marks and Spencer, Mothercare, TM Lewin or the Apple Store? With Christmas just around the corner, you can shop for clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics and even auto parts courtesy of Africa Retail, a UK based company that has just berthed in Nigeria. With this new opportunity, African consumers who were once sidelined and thought to be insignificant, can now have access to global brands and delivered to them within 7-14 days.

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