By Jemi Ekunkumbor
Hello dear readers, happy new year to you all! Let me start by saying a big thank you for your support through text messages and phone calls. We hope that by our contributions on this page, we would dress better, look glamorous without undue indecent exposures.


Towards the end of last year, we featured a few articles that really stirred the hornet’s nest. The most exciting being “the naked truth about G-string”. I still get text messages from readers who only recently stumbled on that edition.

Today, we want to consider the issue of sunglasses as a fashion accessory. As unostentatious as it may appear, adorning a pair of sunglasses is a simple way of creating instant glamour to an otherwise plain outfit. You look even smarter when you find a pair that frames your face very nicely.

Celebrities, especially musicians and movie personalities know the advantages of a pair of sunglasses and have used it to great heights. People like D-Banj and Victoria Beckham have made it their signature styles.

Today in Nigeria, there are certain people, even though we meet them often at functions, we cannot tell the colour of their eyes because whether it is sunny or raining, indoor or outdoor, you find them wearing a pair of sunglasses. They even wear it when the moon is out! Some try to be creative by sticking a few crystals at the sides as if that will change its status from being sunglasses.

Sunglasses as a fashion item, apart from adding glamour to ones outfit, has a natural function and that is to protect the eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Why a few people choose to wear it in the night remains a mystery. Imagine walking down a street by 8pm and you find a man walking towards you in dark glasses, there is no doubt that you are like to cross to the other side or even take to your heels.

Late last year, we were at this hair show in Victoria Island that was graced by this style editor who also happens to be a leading style personality in this country. From start to finish on that particular evening, she had her goggles on. Any unsuspecting stranger might even think she was visually impaired. Not for once did she take off the sunglasses making one wonder if certain people are so shy that even at night they must adorn one?

Musicians, especially the new crop are most guilty of this. Added to wearing sunglasses at night are the fake chains and fake diamonds they wear all in the name of bling bling. Unfortunately, they have a lot of followers and people who just want to appear like their favourite stars. But who will tell them not to wear those already dark glasses at night?

With the current sunny weather, it is a great time to wear the various sunglasses we have, enjoy it while the sun lasts and take them off when the sun goes down. Moreover, it is nice to look into one’s eyes when making conversation. As they say, the eye is the window of the soul. Except there is a good reason for it which I really doubt, no matter how glamorous it makes one look, it is simply tacky and out of place to wear sunglasses in the night.

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