Some call it G-String, others know it as thongs. The two terms G- string and thong are often used interchangeably; however, they can refer to distinct pieces of clothing.

A G_string is one variety of thong. Whether you know it as G string or thongs, since this piece of fashion item made its way into the market a few years ago, the female gender has become an object of ridicule and the essence of womanhood exposed and brought to disrepute. What we have out there with women and girls adorning this fashion number is just noG-Stringthing but a show of shame.

For those who may not know or be familiar with our subject of discuss today, the G string or gee string is a type of underwear.

A sharp opposite of the full or mama’s pant, the G string is a narrow piece of cloth that covers or holds the private part, passes between the buttocks, and is attached to a band around the hips. Worn as swimwear or underwear by women and even men, the back side of this undergarment can become so narrow that it would disappear between the wearer’s buttocks.

Better suited for wearing trousers, the G string is no doubt much sexier, comes in very exciting colours, easy to take off and quick to dry. The advantages go on and on. But is this enough reason why women now make an under garment outer garment?

With modern trousers being low risers and the choice of blouses, the small fitted tops, there is no avoiding the g string being exposed under the blouse. Women and girls who have to take rides in motor cycles popularly known as okada are most guilty of this.

The pant spring out of the trouser like an unruly servant and for some girls, the very spot of exposure is precisely where they choose to place their tattoos. Mind you, even when this pant is exposed, it is not in all situations that they are in a state to be admired especially when the skin around the exposed area is nothing to write home about.

For an undergarment whose functionality is zero, why is it very popular with women? Mary (surname withheld) a 34 year old marketer says, it is her weapon against her husband. “Nobody should condemn G strings. I don’t play with it at all. Every time I have a quarrel with my husband, if after begging him he refuses to answer me, I just ignore him and go wear one of my g strings and start parading all over the bedroom. After a while, you see the person who is angry with me, crawling to me and start smiling.

Look, it has worked for me over and over again, my husband can’t resist me in G string. So for me, it is what I use to bring about peace in my marriage.  But that doesn’t mean I should not cover up properly when I come out in the public?

For Ore, a 26 year old youth corp, g string is just another trend. She believes that just as a new trend comes and people are excited about it, that is what has happened with g string. ‘After a while, it will pass. But i really don’t have a reason why I wear it. I guess its just another type of pant and because it is different makes it all the more exciting”.
Many of the men spoken to where very vehement in condemning the g string.

In their opinion, women wear it on purpose just to provoke men. They argues that even in situations where, some guys sum of courage to tell the lady to cover herself well, she shamelessly tells the man to mind her business. “Does that not tell you that the person who wears and exposes her pant, knows what she is doing?” Asks Okechukwu, a civil servant.

On its own, the g string as an undergarment is not a problem. The problem is how it is worn and the open show of shame that women and girls often exhibit. If with women it is bad, it is even worse with men who choose to load their glory into a tiny piece of cloth too light for what they carry on their groin.

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