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Meet Nigerian girl rocking US modeling industry

Joy Ugochi John,US-based Nigerian model may not for now rate as high as Naomi Campbell or Iman but the hugely breasted damsel has got the guts to do things these great models would hesitate to do. She’s certainly a fiery item with attitude to take her to any altitude she desires.

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What’s Your Style – Gentlemen?

For many men dressing up can either be a walk in the park or a not so exciting expedition. Some men have the charm, the skill and the charisma to pull off a well-polished look or they find it a boring exercise hence are quite bad at dressing. For the latter shopping for clothes takes no effort they stop and buy as they see without putting any fashion sense forward. Infact some men prefer others to buy clothing gifts to avoid the whole shopping experience altogether.

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The Shift Dress

Finding something suitable to wear that can take you from work to play could really tax your style, especially if you are not good with mixing and matching your clothes. But a day always comes in a woman’s life where she has to wear one fashion piece in two different situations. A shift dress is
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What’s Your Bridal Style?

By Yemi Suleiman Choosing a wedding dress can look like a terrifying process sometimes. Firstly, there are different types or styles of wedding dresses out there that can be overwhelming. The question is, how do you chose a dress which is supposed to make you look (and feel) like the most beautiful you’ve ever felt
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Classic Versus Trendy

By Jemi Ekunkunbor The days were when men maintained strict rules when dressing for work. The work place and boardroom remain a very serious setting. With suits, classic dressers still adhere to strict rules of adorning conservative colours of black, navy blue, midnight blue, grey and brown. But times are changing and even the classic
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