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Surround yourself with Inspired words

Empowering, encouraging, uplifting words—a steady diet of them gives me the added boost I crave on good days and the inspirational medicine I need on difficult ones. That’s why I include a “Food For Thought” with each article I write for this column.

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Let Your Dreams Emerge!

Have you ever taken time to deeply consider the following question: “What do I desire to experience in my life?” Most of us haven’t allowed ourselves this exploration. Oh, we have a vague sense of what we in life, but few can describe their vision clearly, let alone step into it.

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The Power of One Who Volunteers

Across the board, the United Nations, National Governments, NGO’s and Non-profit organizations are realizing the essential role that volunteers play in moving communities and nations forward in their development. Consider the words of Kofi Annan, “If our hopes of building a better and safe world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.

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Perfect “Imperfections”

In the heart of rural China, there lived an old woman who had two large pots. One had a crack in it; the other was perfect. Each day the woman hung each pot on one end of a pole and carried them across her neck as she made the long walk to the stream for water. Each day when she arrived home, the cracked pot would be only half full. The woman noticed but never complained.

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Insights on Addictions

A year ago I met a young single mother with an infant son in my neighborhood. (I’ll call them Cindy and Joey to protect their identities). In the first conversation we had, the woman opened up and shared tremendous inner pain. She had grown up in a home where both parents were drug addicts. She was abused as a child. At 20, the girl was herself an addicthard core. She asked me for help

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