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Shine your little light!

Each of us enters life “lit” by our Source. No matter what life has brought you or how bad you think you are, you are still light (and love) at your core. Singing this chorus, prompts me to ask myself, “Am I letting my light shine? Or, is something obscuring my innate inner glow?”

Each of us has a powerful, inner light. The Life that lights you is exquisitely beautiful and inestimably worthy. Yet, as I do life coaching work for myself and with my clients, I notice that this natural radiance is often hidden by heavy veils of fear and pain. Our experience leads us to conclude that there is something wrong with us. We lose sight of the precious gift of Life burning within us, longing to be expressed. It may flash out occasionally as we tell others about our passions and desires. However, as we turn to thoughts of daily stress, the light seems to fade.

It is like the difference between a sunny day and a cloudy one. When the sun is shining, everything seems bright, vivid and clear. Everything feels bright and hopeful. When clouds move in, everything feels heavier. We may or may not catch glimpses of the sun but we still profit from its warmth and light. Our world would be pitch blacka frigid wastelandif the sun was not present at all.

Isn’t this the case with our inner world as well? Our inner light is always there burning, but the internal clouds we produce with our continually churning thoughts obscure our light. In the metaphor of “this little light of mine,” the clouds would equate to the bushel basket. The clouds, or the bushel, come into play as fears arise, tempting us to resist life and fight our circumstances. When we allow worries to become our focus, we block our inner light. We doubt our capabilities. We lose ourselves either in the darkness of our painful past or our fears about the future.

We hide our light because we are frightened. We’ve come to believe we are inadequate. We don’t feel loved or accepted. We feel unsafe. We doubt ourselves as we compare our looks, our abilities and our accomplishments with those of others. When we allow these distressing thoughts to haunt us, we suppress our light. Our judgmental beliefs about ourselves make us afraid of the light. How tragic. If we would use the light to face these thoughts, they would dissipate and we would see that we are worthy. We are guided, we are supported and we are richly gifted.

Why not break through the clouds? Why not remove the bushel and rediscover your God-given radiance?

Are you willing to turn your eyes away from the darkness and rediscover the beautiful light within you? Why wait any longer? We have great power: we can change our focus. A simple desire for change starts the process. Don’t underestimate the impact of your willingness to turn your attention to the positive; it will change the tide of your life.

If you are willing to exchange your despairing thoughts for hopeful ones and to quiet your mind for even a brief moment of peace, you can uncover your light and regain your hope.

Here are some steps to help.

1. Become aware of your inner clouds. Observe your thoughts and emotions. The closer you observe, the more you will understand what is keeping you from your light. Own your doubts and fears. It’s okay to be where you are. Whisper to yourself and your Source, “This is what I think and this is how I feel. I’m open to seeing myself and my life in a new way.” When you do this with kindness toward yourself, you honor your experience by shining light on it. Shine love on every fearful thought. Let the darkness be absorbed and absolved by the light. Turn toward the Eternal Sun and notice that your fearful shadows fall behind you.

2. Notice the light around you. Stop looking for what’s wrong; instead, focus on every bit of good you can see in yourself, in others and in all situations. What do you want to grow? If you want darkness, focus on the negative. If you want more light, find all the positives you can. Feel the gratitude that arises in you as you open to the way life sustains you. As you acknowledge the beauty of life, life showers you with more beauty. As you enjoy the goodness in others, your connection with them will grow. Remember, there is light in everything and everyone no matter the external appearance.

3. Spend time with people who are letting their light shine. Have you noticed how your mood lifts when you are with someone who sees the best in everyone and can always find a positive aspect in a difficult circumstance? Why not listen closely to what these people say? Understanding their perspective and sensing their inner peace can help you become more aware of the light to which you are often blind. Consciously choose to be around people who brighten your day. If you find yourself with negative people, decide to be the light for them.

4. Find ways to let your light shine. Do the things you love to do and do them with passion. Take good care of yourself. Get enough sleep. Eat healthy foods. Enjoy your work and give it your all. Be creative and find outlets to express your joy. If you find a dark emotion clouding up your inner sky, say a prayer and ask to be shown the good in whatever difficulty you are facing. You can also find loving ways to express kindness to others throughout your day. A simple smile, a considerate action or one encouraging word gives light to others. Remember that when we shine light on others we can’t help but brighten our own path.

Pay attention to your light this week. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 10 (1 a mostly hidden light, 10 a brightly shining one). Ask yourself, “How brightly is my light shining right now?” Do this each day for a week. Are you brighter on some days than others? If so, notice why. Can you see a pattern?

The more you are connected with your glowing essence of Life within you, the brighter you will shine and the better you will feel. Let your little light shine this week!


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