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Should you think of Love… when your spouse is terminally ill?

How easy it is for you to declare yourself ready to find a new partner when you’re still married to the woman you’ve cherished for more than 30 years? But then life is far from easy when Alzheimer’s strikes as young as 50—as it did Ernest’s wife, Solape. Two years after she was diagnosed with the disease, her condition has deteriorated so quickly that she often forgets who her husband is. Today, she lives with one of their four children while Ernest faces life in their comfortable home alone.

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Navigating the road ahead!

I found the piece you are about to read in my pile of mails. It is a contribution from an elderly gentleman and loyal reader of the Vanguard Newspapers for many years. He admits that certain decisions made in his younger days turned out to be great mistakes and for which he now suffers tremendously.  For
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Would you have an affair to save your marriage?

Florence sat next to me in the car and showed me a hotel room key.  “You should have left that at the reception”, I told her. “What if you lose it”, “It’s not my key”, she whispered into my ears.  “It’s the key to Eric’s room”. My eyes widened.  So soon?  “He wants me to go and wait for him in his room”, she continued excitedly. 

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