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Men don’t like it when they get a dose of their medicine!

“AREN’T our women a bit over the top in the way they dress these days?”  That was Kay as he breezed into my office looking a bit worn around the edges. He’s currently heavily involved with Bomma, an older friend years younger than he is, but had also met Rose, one of the participants at a course we ran on Information Technology a couple of months back.

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Defying time and space with love

Maintaining an emotional relationship generally with a loved one is no piecemeal. It comes with it turns and hurdles. The hurdles and turns are peculiar if you are in a long distance relationship and it might not always be the most comforting or convenient romantic relationship. And even though we all know that absence, or as in this case, distance makes the heart grow fonder, don’t forget also that out of sight could be out of mind too. However, since the debate on which of the two positions is true remains inconclusive, our best bet would be to hold on to what you have, knowing that no relationship can thrive on auto drive anyway. We need to work at it as well as stay focussed and patient. I have gathered a few tips that might be of help if you are planning on starting a long distance relationship or have found yourself in one without a choice.

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‘There’s no need to brag about your prowess!’

I don’t know what gives the average man the impression that when it comes to sex, his female partner wants the whole works—heavy foreplay, all-night long sex and loads of orgasms.   Where he thinks he falls below par, he makes up stories to portray himself a stud. That is how Yunus recently became trapped in his web of lies.   “I’ve,lied to my girl-friend of nine months about having had a rampant sex life and I’m not sure whether to own up or not!” he said.

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Why is he spending so much time with his widowed sister-in-law?

Since my husband became close to his sister-in-law, I’ve felt very insecure. Her husband (my husband’s brother), sadly passed away about a year ago and since then, my husband has bent over backwards to help her – he literally jumps into action when she calls. At first I thought it was incredibly kind of him and I knew he felt he owed it to his brother to make sure she was Ok, but now I’m starting to resent it. She’s at our place a lot (she has no kids) and he’s always at hers and always sorting things out for her. He spends more time with her that he spends in his own home.

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I feel such a fool having a fancy wedding to marry a cad

My wedding that took months to plan because I wanted a lavish one now looks like a sham! Almost as soon as we came back from our honeymoon, words started flittering in that my husband was a chronic womaniser. I didn’t get a whiff of it until a friend of one of his girlfriends asked what happened to my pregnancy? I wasn’t a friend of hers but she told me her friend, who was a long-term lover of my husband was devastated when she learnt I was pregnant and he had to marry me. All of this girl’s friends knew my husband, so did her family.

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