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What is it about women that mosquitoes find appetising?

The rainy season means pools of stagnant water are lying everywhere and the mosquitoes are busy than ever before spreading what they know best. Globally, these killer mosquitoes spread malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever and other deadly diseases—the ebola disease being one of them. And when it comes to a good bloody meal, mosquitoes are much fussier than you might think. Women tend to suffer more than men because they tend to bare more flesh.

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Are women naturally promiscuous?

WHAT do women who relish hopping from one bed to the other have in common? They all enjoy the company of men and know how to get it too! They see a man they fancy and they go for him, with no messing around. But they’re not after a lasting relationship—their goal is sex. Ladies like these often get a reputation. But experts now believe that, far from being abnormal or out of control, they are doing what nature intended!

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The choices we make

I don’t have an exotic taste bud, so you will hardly find me eating fancy meals. My favourite food is Amala served with Gbegiri and Ewedu and I eat it almost every day, and sometimes twice a day. I also eat it with Ogbono or vegetable soup. Every other food, I just manage for the sake of eating.

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