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Having an affair with hubby whilst waiting for the divorce!

“But after we had our two children, we slowly began to drift apart. Real life got in the way of our happiness and we seldom had time for each other. Soon, taking each other for granted became the norm.  The bedroom was for sleeping only and we never laughed any more.  Life stopped being an adventure we were facing together and became a slow trudge towards death!  We started to resent each other. The slightest thing would spark an argument.

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What kind of man hides in his lover’s bedroom?

QUITE a number of young husbands find it difficult to transit to doting fathers. “My husband, Folami certainly changed when we had our first child,” recalled Lizzy, a 35-year-old hotel manager. “At first, he was glad to play the role of a father to our son, but it was soon obvious that the responsibility of being a responsible father was a shock—and it made him rebel.

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