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When hurricane infidelity hits your marriage!

AS many friends in a female group get married, the few left start fretting if they’re not going to be left permanently on the shelf. Years later, a couple of marriages in the group are likely to hit the skids and the rest of it starts getting jittery—”case often green bottle?” Beverly, a mother of three adorable kids has been married for 11 years. A few weeks ago, a friend of hers dropped by with the news that another friend had just been separated from her husband—divorce was on the cards.

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House girl carrying my husband’s child

I’m in my early 60s, a few years ago, I took in a girl as a maid. Her family wouldn’t help her because they thought she was wayward. In the beginning, she was unstable and kept vanishing, at first for days, then for weeks. She would come back, weeping and begging us to take her back and I always accepted because I thought I could do something good with her potentials. My husband called me a fool and threatened to throw her out if she didn’t behave.

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Memories are for ever

Every day, we go through many different experiences. They may be good, bad, embarrassing, uplifting, disappointing, shameful, you name it. These experiences make up our lives and years after, memories. Some memories fade away with time, while some just won’t, springing up even when and where you least expect it.

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