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Older men could be love rats too!

Muri obviously knew where he was going and he pulled out all the stops in making Ibi fall for him like a ton of bricks – expensive lunches in discreet hotels that boasted room service, lavish present and cash gifts. He even took her ramshackled car to his mechanics for a very impressive make-over! Ibi was so impressed by her good fortunes that she told Dora, the girl she was having the cat-fight with all about it.

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Men who became ‘surrogate’ dads to their married ex!

I was recently in the office of an old schoolmate when the arrival of a girlfriend of his was announced by his secretary. “Let her come in,” he instructed immediately. Akin and I were fierce rivals in our literature class stying for our ‘A’ levels all those years ago. He’d done fantastically well for himself since he graduated and we’d remained firm friends over the years.

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Should you be wary of one night stands?

What sort of buzz, drives a man to one-night-stand, relationships’. Lola had accompanied her friend to her ex-husband’s birthday party, hoping to have the good time she promised. “He has birthday bashes annually”, said Lola, “and my friend has stayed friends with her ex because he was a good provider even when their marriage wasn’t really working.

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After 5yrs of neglecting you,will you tolerate a hubby who returns with mental illness?

Juliet and Charles got married five years ago. Both were blessed with two kids. But Charles left the country in search of greener pasture. While he was away for six months, Juliet was left in the dark as Charles did not leave any forwarding address . Without words from her man, Juliet gave up hope of seeing Charles. But Charles resurfaced five years later, a different man: Charles was mad!

What would she do? she wondered. Should she forgive him and perhaps, take him back as her repentant husband? Should she turn her back on him forever? After a deep thought, Juliet took him back after consulting with her family members who even assisted her to restore Charles’ sanity.

But few weeks after regaining sanity, Charles showed the beast in him, beating her black and blue, and sometimes, forcing his way into her at his own will. He even lost feeling for the children. Now, Juliet is confused. For love, should she continue to tolerate her man? Should she show him the way out? Should she run away with their kids? Should she stay in the marriage in compliance with the biblical injunction of for better, or worse?

As usual, we’ve spoken to some of our celebrities and they have this to say. Enjoy it and have a fulfilling weekend.

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