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My 67-yrs old hubby is eyeing younger girls

Dear Bunmi,

My current man is 67 and we get on well together. I’m in my early 50s. His fault is that he’s constantly eyeing young girls when he’s with me.

love-cartoon-girlWhen I asked him why he looks at 16-year-old girls, he replied: “They are well developed these days.”

Why does he behave like this at his age? I’ve told him a few times that I find his behaviour annoying. I look after myself, have a nice figure and a good disposition. Isn’t that enough

We’re compatible otherwise, but his lecherous way really spoils things.

Risikat, by e-mail.

Dear Risikat,

Like most men, your boyfriend tends to behave in ways that suit his self-image. Most men, just like their female counterparts, like to think of themselves as attractive to the opposite sex.

Now that your man’s sexual attractiveness is declining, he increasingly seeks fulfillment in fantasy— maybe he used to see himself as a stud who had sex with young, fertile women! Now that has become impossible, he chases dreams in which his continued sexual success as a man is guaranteed.

His behaviour might be shocking to you, but your best bet is to ignore him. Stop competing with the young girls he seems to be panting over and be yourself.

For now, the only woman he wants and can have is you. So humour him— or ogle younger men to give him a good run for his money!


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