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Before you send him back to his wife

By Candida
PETER was devastated when his doctor confirmed his worst fear – he had prostrate cancer. It could still be treated if he acted quickly. His wife, a nurse, made necessary enquiries and came up with the names of two respectable private hospitals who’d treated the disease successfully from time to time.

But Peter was skeptical. He would rather go to Britain where he still enjoyed the services of the National Health. The wife heaved a sight of relief. Operation of any kind could be costly in Nigeria, especially if it’s privately done. Scraping whatever money they both could; Peter left for Britain, uncertain of what the future would hold. But it wasn’t going to be gloom and doom for him. For waiting patiently for his arrival was Alice, his on/off girlfriend of 15 years. “Peter has always been a good friend as well as  my lover,” Alice said. “We were both married when we met in Britain – we weren’t exactly unhappily married.

“The sexual chemistry between us couldn’t be ignored. So we became lovers. After he left for Nigeria, whenever he visited, he always spent time with me even though he had a home here where two of his five children lived. So when he told me he had cancer, I felt really sorry for him. He look really frightened when he showed up at my place. Now in his late fifties, he told me the doctors said it was in the advanced stage.
After series of tests here, the doctors didn’t give him such a hopeless diagnosis. As a matter of fact, he was told it was a good thing he  came when he did and it would be a matter of time for him to recover.

He went back to Nigeria after his operation but lied to his family he had to go for check-ups from time to time. Came the time the doctors told him he could resume sex, he stayed at my place. We decided we would ease him into sex. He suggested we first went to a night club, dressed like over-excited young adults. I had on a new pair of jeans I hadn’t the courage to wear until then, with a very daring top.

As we danced, my top kept slipping off my shoulders to the delight of some of the guests. I really felt young that night. As soon as we got home, Peter grabbed me and pressed my body against his. I could feel his bulge pulsating – he looked as if he’d won the pools! It was so wonderful to see him so excited. He certainly got better and better after that night but we didn’t push our luck. “His wife, poor thing, was beside herself with worry.

She thought Peter was staying with an old classmate and his children didn’t visit enough for them to cotton on to what was going on.

The first time we made love after the operation, the wife called. I was amazed when Peter’s voice suddenly changed to an old man’s. ‘I went to see the doctors this afternoon’, he croaked, ‘they gave me drugs that knocked me off. I can’t talk now.

Call me in the morning’. With that, he switched off the phone grinning mischievously , I  couldn’t believe it. How could he be so heartless? ‘I did if for us’, he defended himself. ‘I want to spend more time with you. If she knew I was alright, she would want me back home and I’m not ready to leave yet’. Well, why would he? I was always at his beck and call and though he had enough money to pay for most of the outings we had, the real joy was just having a man to look after, knowing it wouldn’t be a permanent arrangement. After my divorce, I don’t think I have the patience to have a man under my feet on a permanent basis…”

At times, the fun of having a bit-on-the-side is that after a few hours, you know lover-boy would be beating it back to his wife. For the few hours he has to be a bad boy, he usually is very, very bad! Before CTB lost his wife, outings were elaborately planned, and usually very rewarding,Now that he’s foot loose and fancy free, he has time to play all the naught pranks he’d once been careful to play.

No skin  off  my nose really. Apart from a busy   job, I had some chestnuts of mine in the fire as well. Only lately, CTB has started showing up unannounced – which I didn’t very much like. I don’t like surprises and I would be the last person to call on him without prior appointment.

“I thought you always liked phoning before you visited,” I once grumbled when he recently showed up in the night wanting a bite. “Why would I phone “so I could see you,” he wanted to know. “Just in case I’m not around when you do call”, I defended.

“If you’re not around then I’ll leave…” Oh, heck! Some few days after, who should call but Joel? He’d been away for months, only putting in  the occasional steamy  calls. But there he was, looking more than enough to eat, a well-chilled champagne in his hand and some tempting finger food in the other. We had  the spread on the table and were happily  tucking in when CTB strolled in. His eyes narrowed as he took  in the scene.

I felt really angry. Who was he to put me in such a spot?! Luckily, Joel knew of him. As soon as I introduced then and he realized it was CTB, he pumped his hand, saying  he was pleased to have finally met him. That I was always telling my friends what a nice man he was.

CTS wasn’t fooled one bit. Joel’s seductive spread, along with the sexy clothes he had on gave him away. So CTB calmly took his seat, refusing to have any of the goodies offered him -looking at the spread as if it was poisonous. We’d lost the excitement with which we started, knowing any hope of a nookie’s been swept under the table. Joel left after a few minute, leaving behind a half   bottle of champagne.

“A  friend of yours?” CTB wanted to know. I said yes, refusing to be intimidated by him. He hasn’t the right to give me the third degree as I’d let him enjoy  his freedom after his wife died. Besides, no thanks to him, I had lost  a  guaranteed night of passion. At  CTB’s  age, he was scarcely a patch on Joel when it comes to love-making. And I always enjoy my romps with Joel knowing he would go home to curl up with his wife with the passion between us making him smile like a naughty boy. Now we’ve both been left high and dry.


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