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Zuma urges South Africans to take up Mandela’s mantle

South African President Jacob Zuma on Sunday told a country mourning for its founding father Nelson Mandela that it was incumbent on them to carry on his legacy.

“We have to take the legacy forward,” Zuma said in an address to Mandela’s state funeral in the former leader’s boyhood home of Qunu.

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Nigeria’s ‘Father Christmas Diplomacy’ and Madiba’s funeral

In international political arena, the burial of heads of state and high profile personalities like Dr. Nelson Mandela often presents an opportunity for funeral diplomacy. Informal and somber as the setting may be, leaders of countries often capitalize on it to mend fences, strengthen ties, or break new grounds after which their envoys are left to do follow-up.

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How Achebe saw Mandela

As torrents of tributes continue to pour in for the late former South Africa President, Dr. Nelson Mandela, the late literary icon, Professor Chinua Achebe, extolled Mandela’s virtues in his controversial book, “There was a Country, a Personal History of Biafra,” describing him as a beacon of justice and hope for the African continen

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Nelson Mandela

Recollection of a close encounter with Madiba

An encounter with Dr. Nelson Mandela months after regaining freedom from South Africa’s prison was an opportunity nobody would want to miss.

As a young reporter, it presented an experience worth sharing as Madiba goes to rest with his ancestors in the sacred grounds of Qunu. The encounter comes with the main story and a sub plot. The release came on February 11 1990, a day Nigeria marked by declaring a half working day.

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