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“We have nowhere to go” 10,000 inhabitants of demolished military barracks cry out

Minna- When the 10,000 inhabitants of Old Military Barracks, Rafin Sanyin in Suleja, Niger State slept last Sunday, they never thought they would become homeless the following day. But by 4 am on Monday, the sound of the bulldozers woke them from sleep and were given three hours to salvage whatever they could of their property and vacate the buildings which the Niger State Government described as illegal structures.

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Ebonyi: Where relations keep bodies of loved ones in homes instead of mortuaries

THE move by the Ebonyi State government to stop the people of the state from keeping their dead relations and friends for months or years in their private residences as they prepare for their befitting burials is causing some ripples in social circles in the state. As in the days of Egyptian mummies, the people of Ebonyi embalm their dead relations and friends and keep the corpses inside residential houses to enable them prepare and give such deceased persons decent burials.

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