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The Judiciary and the Code Of Conduct Tribunal

There has been an uproar, outrage, etc., etc., in Nigeria since Saturday 12th2019, when it was revealed that the Chief Justice of Nigeria was to be charged before the Code of Conduct Tribunal for failure to fully declare his assets before the Code of Conduct Bureau. The cacophony of shrill and angry voices has completely drowned out any calm analysis of the situation. Let us make an effort in this direction.

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Day soldiers wept!

Military personel are known for their bravery. Though they are human beings with blood running through their veins, they hadly betray emotions. This is largely due to their professional trainings to withstand any ugly situation no matter the circumstance they find themselves. Anyone who attends the burial of any military personnel who died in combat will appreciate in a situation like this, they would cry even in their uniforms like ordinary people.

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