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Good hygiene not negotiable as the world marks Hand-Washing Day

Yes, you are the hope! You are the future! But you know what? That future the world is waiting for, is in your ‘HANDS’. The care you give to your hands determine the future as it is the cheapest way to avoid many diseases that can cut short your lives. 

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Where there is a will, there is a way

Yes, you are stars, shining brightly for a brighter Nigeria. Let it be in you, and always walk tall knowing that you are the future the world is waiting for. Wondering how? You are the future leaders and all you are seeing and hearing: corruption, Boko Haram, herdsmen, Avengers or militants today will soon fade away but people that prepare and protect themselves now will rule tomorrow. Those ruling today started yesterday with hard work and determination to be the stars they are. You, too can start today, work hard at your studies as you know that there is no chance for failures at the top.

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The rainbow after the storm

I was having a little meltdown the other day when I saw this picture of an actual rainbow taken after a storm. It was breathtaking and so beautiful and more than just aesthetics to my eyes. It reminded me that there’s always a rainbow at the end of a storm and the mere thought of this set a cushion to my troubled mind. It’s okay to have little meltdowns every now and then because they serve to prepare us for the joys which we will experience when the rainbow finally appears; and it most certainly does.

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Hope on the Day of the African Child

Nigerian children have been the worst hit in Boko Haram insurgency in the northern part of the country since 2009. Children, supposed to be in school are out for fear of being killed by this sect, and parents who have been lucky to be alive keep their children at home for this same reason. The trend continues as children who were better off at the Internally Displaced People’s Camp where volunteers taught them, stay at home now for the fear of being attacked.
According to Human Rights Watch report, one million children in Nigeria have little or no access to schools as a result of Boko Haram’s attacks, robbing an entire generation of children in the North East of their education.

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The world close to eradicating polio – UNICEF

Polio is on track to become the second human disease ever to be eliminated from the world (smallpox is the first) adding that Rotary has helped 194 countries stop the transmission of polio through the mass immunization of children. Funsho said as the world celebrate world polio day in a time when Nigeria has been removed from the list of polio endemic countries, there are needs to remain vigilant and ensure that all children are immunised again polio until the world is certified polio free.

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Parents style of cooking: A challenge to combating Vitamin A deficiency

The problem, according to the report, in the South-West that experiences a relatively high level of Vitamin A Deficiency, it is due to the style of cooking where red palm oil is usually bleached before being used for cooking, by which time the Vitamin A content would have been destroyed. So, it is SOS to South West parents to device another means of using palm oil without bleaching as the benefits to our children’s development and total growth is unquantifiable.

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SSCE, 61% failure in English, Maths: Gloom amid dissenting voices on the way forward

“Secondly, government should look into the curriculum and review it and, while recruiting, recruit professionals for different subjects. English, for instance, has different aspects – literature, grammar, poetry, etc – which one teacher ought not be teaching, but if you go to these schools, it is one teacher that does the teaching. Some private schools are doing the right thing in this area and getting the desired result”.

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Farida: Strength in the face of disability

“The most important thing is that mothers need to be focused. At the initial stage when it dawned on me that my daughter had cerebral palsy at 10days old, I was devastated and didn’t know how I will live with it. My mother told me that God chose me out of thousands of mothers out there to look after the child and that if I did a good job, God will bless.

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Children thank the military for rescuing hostages from insurgents

For the doubting Thomases who did not believe people were kidnapped by insurgents in the northern part of the country, the rescue of over 500 people, mostly females and children, by the military has put them wrong. The rescue showed that many innocent souls have been wasted by the careless attitude of our government. Seeing the way these people are malnourished, what they went through is better imagined.

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Chibok girls whereabouts still unknown after one year

Whether people believe it or not, it is better that someone dies and he is buried than for him to be lost and relations are looking for him. The trauma and unending hope awaiting the lost one can be killing. In the last one year of this global outrage, nations, including the United States, United Kingdom, France and China have vowed to help find the missing Chibok girls, yet, all went back without given any clue on their whereabouts.

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